042 – “The Purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life!” – Podcast Episode

By several emails and other requests… The Title for this episode is:  The purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life!

The summary below is identical to the talking points message at the start of this show.  This is a topic that seems to resonate with just about everyone at some point in their life.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this post or email me:  david@rollmanrevolution.com

Episode 42:

In a world full of consistent action, and constant competition of your attention – there is so much stimuli that is trying to tell you what to think, how to think, what to be, and how to be it – that our brains will become troubled at times during these discoveries.
We toil with success, beauty, intelligence, and winning – always looking for that slight edge over the challenging forces. It is in human nature, to strive for these things with the goal in mind that I MUST BE THE BEST, and destroy the competition in anyway I can, otherwise – I will be just like everyone else – Ordinary.
And this type of thinking in my opinion is one of the main reasons, Emotion can get the better of our mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I believe competition is necessary in order for every human being to push themselves to become better everyday, however; the path we choose to find this competitive edge is a choice we all must make.
For example, if you want to become a better basketball player, you have to play basketball against someone who has a much better game than you. The reason this is so… is in order for your skills to become more refined you have to push yourself to a high level of skill and understanding for the game to graduate those abilities – in return making you better at basketball.
However, you could take another route. Using the example above you could play the game of basketball in a dirty fashion. You could find ways to cheat, manipulate your opponent by drugging them, or hurting them in some way so that they are forced to play at a much lower level – or in other words “Crushing the competition” (your competition).
You will hear from countless of successful people, within business, politics, sports & the arts – of the ways they achieved their success. Many will contribute there successful path to hard work, dedication, and focus which are all great virtues in order to carry for this journey, however; in many of these cases that is not the whole story.
From time to time, a story will be uncovered about a businessman, politician, athlete, or other personality that engaged in a negative approach to gaining their success. You will hear headlines like, “Athlete cheats using steroids” – “Business Mogul bankrupts town in order to gain personal Capital” – “Senator John Doe violates ethics investigation into Federal Spending” etc… etc…
There is no doubt these stories happen everyday, and so many of them will never be discovered – but my concern is – WHY these people or groups of people decide to play the dishonest game and choose negative virtues like (Jealousy, Fear, Guilt, Envy, Doubt, Sadness, Depression, and/or Shame) to find a competitive edge in our world today.
My intelligence tells me, that many of us are looking for shortcuts in order to cut down on the time it takes to build success. Like I said a moment ago, there is so much competition in our world today to be the best and find that successful niche, which allows us to stand out among the crowd.
We all want to be recognized for accomplishments in one way or another, but How we get to that accomplishment is a choice each of us will have to make within our lives.
Choice is the key, and Decisions within these choices are very much dependent on the Virtues we hold sacred to our being.
If for example, you are a person who is filled with Positive Emotions of (Joy, Love, Laughter, Admiration, Gratitude, Patience, and Kindness) your approach to this world will be much different than a person who engages the world with the use of Negative Emotions of: (Envy – Jealousy – Guilt – Fear – Manipulation – Doubt – and Frustration)
Now…I have heard both sides of this argument on how we as people must engage the QUOTE : REAL WORLD, and there are great lessons to be learned from both sides. But here is the deal my friends…
There must be a happy balance within everything in life. We all want to find success for ourselves and those we serve – but The choices and virtues (within our Emotions) will ultimately bring us to the place we call the here and now.
I personally have found that being in a more positive mindset, you will find the answers and success more frequently than others who choose to play the game from a more negative mindset.
When you play using positive emotion, you are happier, healthier, you feel more fully alive and you have a richer more abundant experience of life. When you play using the negative emotions, there is that tendency to manipulate, envy, find jealousy within another, fear the future and play the blame game. (Also in negative mode – the human actor will try to cut corners and look for loop holes to push or press anyone within their way in order to rise to the top)
There is no doubt in my mind that we all will battle with this balance, throughout our lives — however; how long we decide to stay within either one of these mindsets is entirely up to us!
In my opinion the purpose of the Positive and the Negative is to simply remind us of the other… and then it is our own doing — as to how we will approach our lives and the challenges we face everyday.
So this week I would like to discuss Virtues and Emotions and in particularly Negative Emotions (there purpose – and how to limit there control in your life).

Namaste Everyone.


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