041 – “Breaking the Silence Within” – Communication in the 21st Century – Podcast Episode

Breaking the Silence Within is the podcast episode that you don’t want to miss.

Hello again everyone,

Communication is something we do everyday.  Whether we are watching television, listening to the radio, talking on our cell phones or having a chat with a person within our vicinity; there is not a day that goes by where we are not giving or receiving information.

But how we communicate (and Articulate) information has changed drastically over the past 75+ years.  In the 1920’s if you wanted to get a piece of information to a friend or family member, you had the choice of either traveling over to this person’s place or mailing a letter to them.  In many cases the families lived much closer to one another than they do today, as it was just easier to keep tabs on one another by being close by.  And for what ever reason if you did have a friend or a loved one that lived quite a distance away, you would have to compile as much information as you could within a letter.   Also Family gatherings were much more intense and information heavy as you didn’t communicate with them as often as we do today, simply because the technologies were not there.

If we skip ahead to the 21st Century, today we have instant information (Constant communication) or better yet an OVER ABUNDANCE of Information.  But the question I ask you is this… Do we communicate better on a personal level today than we did about 100 years ago?  Are our conversations more personal or are they impersonal?  Has Technology broken our ability to communicate one on one in an effective way?

These are the concerns and questions that I have, and will cover on this episode.   As you listen to this show, ask yourself if you can relate to any of the situations I explain.  Furthermore,  I want to know if you feel that technology has improved or diminished the way humans articulate themselves today?  Do you see a difference in the newer generations and how they interact with each other?

This is going to be a powerful episode.   Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Have a great week my friends,


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David Rollman

I have been a man who has been seeking answers to life and the "why am I hear" question for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until around 2012 that I begain to realize the answer to this question, and began my quest in bringing my gifts to the world, without any agenda in mind. The Rollman Revolution is a community dedicated to Changing the way we as humans (see the world) and how this a relfection of how the world sees us. By keeping an open mind, having constant dialogue, understanding why we believe what we do, and remembering to respect (and love) one another where ever they are on this journey we call LIFE, is what I have set out to do. Within the Blog, podcast/show, YouTube Videos etc... My goal is to educate, inspire, motivate, and challenge people to become the best person they can be within the short amount of time we get to stay on this planet. So please subscribe to the show (it is all free) and please share the content, if you feel another person can benefit from the subject matter presented. We discuss many topics on this show, and many opinions will be presented. I encourge everyone to connect with me, and tell me when I am Right and when I am wrong (But have an infromed reason). I belive we all have a purpose in this life, and for me...it is sharing the talents I have, but never taking myself too serious. I am an open minded guy, who is destined to make this world a better place for generations to come. Namaste Everyone and Peace as always! Take Care!

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