038 – “The Psychology of Perception – Flat Earth part 2” – Podcast Episode

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Happy Holidays to all my fans out there.  This episode was recorded due to over 50+ emails of my fans wanting to hear more.  Again, I am not the GURU of Flat Earth, but I have been watching this topic develop for close to a year now.

The angle of which this episode speaks is going to be different than what those who are debating the flat earth vs the Globe model.  As I am not a scientist, I will be looking at the psychology of this issue, and why so many dismiss the the issue just by hearing the words “FLAT EARTH”.

I am telling you from experience, that you need to educate yourself with as many pieces of information you can, and gather more tools for your tool box from multiple sources of books, alternative media, etc.

It amazes me how so many people today will take the information they have been given (from the Schools they went to or the books they read) and never look any further.  You as an intelligent person, need to continue your education and research far beyond what the main stream school system, as it is only repeating the nonsense.

If you have heard about the topic FLAT EARTH, and it has at least peaked your curiosity, I would recommend checking out people Like:  Santos Bonacci, Mark Sargent & Eric Dubay To Get your started in looking at this concept from another perspective.  Each person listed above discusses this topic from different angles, and Will give you a starting place to continue looking into this topic further.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at david@rollmanrevolution.com or connect with me via Facebook, Twitter or other social media options listed on the top of my website.

Namaste My friends,

-David   (Also 2017 is going to be a Wild Year…so stay tuned!)

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David Rollman

I have been a man who has been seeking answers to life and the "why am I hear" question for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until around 2012 that I begain to realize the answer to this question, and began my quest in bringing my gifts to the world, without any agenda in mind. The Rollman Revolution is a community dedicated to Changing the way we as humans (see the world) and how this a relfection of how the world sees us. By keeping an open mind, having constant dialogue, understanding why we believe what we do, and remembering to respect (and love) one another where ever they are on this journey we call LIFE, is what I have set out to do. Within the Blog, podcast/show, YouTube Videos etc... My goal is to educate, inspire, motivate, and challenge people to become the best person they can be within the short amount of time we get to stay on this planet. So please subscribe to the show (it is all free) and please share the content, if you feel another person can benefit from the subject matter presented. We discuss many topics on this show, and many opinions will be presented. I encourge everyone to connect with me, and tell me when I am Right and when I am wrong (But have an infromed reason). I belive we all have a purpose in this life, and for me...it is sharing the talents I have, but never taking myself too serious. I am an open minded guy, who is destined to make this world a better place for generations to come. Namaste Everyone and Peace as always! Take Care!

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