So you really want to know? Okay – I will tell you!

Hello everyone – I have missed you all!

Seeing that I have been a bit busy lately – I figured the best way to answer some of my fans and followers, who have asked a similar question, was to place it in a blog post, as I predict this question will surface again down the road.

More podcasts to come over the month of December, with interesting topics to dive into.

The question that keeps getting asked is about success, failure and the journey of self discovery…so read below, as I use myself as the example knowing that I have mastered the art of Succeeding and Failing and in this process I have found real liberation!  failure

Over the past 15 years, I have worked my way up to the top, in various jobs (within Retail and in my own business adventures) just to lose it all, and start again. Many bad decisions and life choices had played a huge role during this process, however, that was never the real reason as to why I let it all go. During this journey, I changed my habits, my focus, my vision, and my drive so drastically that I began to notice that I was not this Man our world was telling me to be; but an illusion that I created just so I could feel part of the Painting manifested by our society – As I wanted to fit in and not be judged. Sometimes it may appear to those on the outside – that you have it all – because you have the nice car, the great job, the large circle of friends and integrity (Still Something is not right… and that something may be YOU) In some cases (like mine for example) you wake up a realize you don’t recognize the person you see in the mirror, and scratch your head wondering where did it all go wrong? There will be days when we overthink, and wish we could have approached something from our past a bit different, as that one decision sent us on a roller coaster creating more problems and situations we could of avoided if we just made a different choice. Having said all of this, I would not be the Man I am today, had I not succeeded and failed in the way I did.
Ten years ago, if a person were to ask me “What is it that I do for a living?” I would detail them with boring jargon as it related to my job. I would have an answer like a I am my own boss working in a small company, Or I am a Dept Manager for a Large Grocery Retailer…. ETC.. ETC… ETC…. Now there is nothing wrong with this answer, however; my response at that time never got down to the realities of what I did…it only explained the title of my JOB. It would of been more clear if I would of responded like, “I lead, develope, prepare, and organize a crew of 18 people to unload, merchandise and present food and non food items in one of the United States’ Largest grocery retailer.” as that would of been more accurate description of what my JOB was. My point in all of this is simple. Too often we define ourselves by what we do (for a living), and not who we really are.
Today… If someone was to ask me the same question of what it is that I do, I would have to clairify as to what they meant…as this question is very vague. What I do for a living? (as to what generates Money) Or What it is that I do? (Meaning My Purpose in this life). So When I respond by telling those who ask the question, “I Motivate, Challenge, Encourage, and Inspire people to become the best version of themselves, by changing the way they see the world and the way the world sees them one internal revolution at a time.” You would be amazed at how many werid looks I will get. However that is a proper answer, as that is my true motivation in this life.
For those who I have had the honor to meet and engage with over my 20+ years of good conversation, will agree that the statement above is the most accurate response to what it is that I do. Yes I may still work retail to pay the bills, but My motivation today (after years of non committed decisions and not knowing the real me) has shifted to making the next few years of my life more facinating and lucurative. By discovering the real me, making the focused decisions have come a whole lot easier. The climb back up to the top takes time, and requires patience; but when the energy is focused by the plans I have made and the goals set… I know there is nothing that will prevent me from achieving my dreams.
I already know that 2017 is going to be a very positive year as many key life changing decisions will have to be made. I am very good at what I do, just ask those who have called upon me for guidence in there life story? I am going to succeed and generate One-million dollars within the next few years. I am so confident of this, because I visualize the outcome long before the curtain opens and the surprise reveiled.
I have repeatedly said, and will continue to say (no matter what you do) If you are not working to make the lives of other people better everyday, you are wasting your time. Life is sharing the gifts you have so that those around you can benefit. To hord all your gifts and talents and not share them freely, will only make you feel lonely at the end of the day. The connections we create, the networks we build, and the Relationship we cherish will automatically generate the future you never thought possible. It is through this hard lesson but easy practice, that we will find success. And by giving of yourself everyday, the people in this world that become your biggest fan as they will get to see the REAL you and the journey you are creating as they want to be part of something greater than themselves as well.
So where ever this world decides to send me, I have faith someday our path will cross. As every choice, circumstance, push, pull, jump or run – plays a interesting role as to where you are in this moment. And believe it or not, You are the one in control! That is so powerful!

2017-2018 is going to be something really special, just you wait and see.

Namaste My friends,


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037 – Confidence: The missing ingredient in the future of your Dreams – Podcast Episode

Confidence?  What is it? Who Has it? Where did it go?  Why has it gone?  confidence

These are many of the questions people have throughout their lives in the pursuit of their dreams.  However, Confidence is something we are all born with, from the moment you are a child.  Unfortunately people tend to lose their confidence over time as they become embodied by the world and its teachings.  As a child you have not come to the understanding and “RULES” this world teaches so you act out, take chances, and could care less what others think.

Once you grow a little older, we become conscientious of what other people see us as.  We tend to take the safe route in life, and for many that will get them through.  But This episode will touch on 6 different areas where we can grow in our confidence.  Remember, when you become a confident person you attack the world in a much different way.  You set your site on your dreams, and will not let anyone get in the way of what you want for you and your life.  This is an episode that has been requested by several of my listeners, so I hope I do it justice.

Again if you have any suggestions for future episodes, please email me at

Have a Great Week everyone.. Namaste!



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Where do you get your News and Information? The Facts and the Alternative Solution.

To those out there who follow my podcast show will know that The Main Stream Media is a topic of which I discuss at length.  Mainly because it has become very difficult today to locate non-biased News and Information.

Graphic taken from Business Insider Article from Jun 2012 -Ashley Lutz

 Picture From Business Insider Article: Jun 2012 -Ashley Lutz

Majority of Americans and people around the world, receive there News and Other “Factual Information” from the Main Stream Television, News Papers and Radio Shows.  The question that must be asked before you go any further is: Do you know who owns or controls these entities?  It may be shocking to most, as I was blown away when I came to this discovery about 5 years ago, that 90% of all the Information we Read, Watch or Listen to is owned and controlled by 6 Major Media Giants. Now, if this is not alarming to you…well it is time to understand that the information you gather everyday has probably been released by one of these 6 Agencies.

Why this is an important fact – and – something to be concerned about is quite simple!  The way people in this world can make conscious (contemplated and educated) decisions, is solely based on the quality of the information we have been provided with.  For example, when we make financial decisions we look to the experts who understand this subject. After hours of consultation, questions and reflection, we will make a decision based upon the New Found Knowledge we have just acquired.  However, if the person or people who have provided you with the information were not very honest, had another motive, or another motivation in mind, you will become the victim of Bad NEWS.

So if we are to take this example on a larger scale – and look at World Events, Wars, Health, Politics, Economics, Society, Culture, Science etc… –  and majority of people are tuning into the “Experts” aka The Main Stream Media, everyday for Factual Information to make an educated decision; if these Networks are dishonest in anyway it will effect the World Narrative.

Below I will list the 6 major Media Giants in America today and provide you with alternative sources for information.  Within the 6 major corporations, I highly recommend you research what each of these Giants own or control within Media. (Do not be shocked if you find your favorite, Television program, News Paper, Magazine publication, or Radio Show under the umbrella of one of these companies).

As we draw closer to the end of 2016, with the World Wide Web along with so many distractions & Information sources battling for your attention, it will become more overwhelming everyday going forward.  This is why I will provide you with the Major Players, and Some better alternatives that will allow you to make a more informed decision.

The information below is a Guide: And remember that even alternative sources will have at times a leaning or opinion in mind (that is normal as everyone is Human).  The main focus in discovering a better information source is Simple: Look for Reporters (Not Repeaters).  If a story sounds like it is the same as the Main Stream (esp. in its wording… Keep Searching for another alternative).

-David Rollman

HERE WE GO:  “The Big 6”

  1. Comcast
  2. News Corporation
  3. Walt Disney Company
  4. Viacom
  5. Time Warner
  6. CBS Corp.

A poll done by the Pew Research Center, in the Fall of 2011, found that, “Fully (all facts presented) 66% (of the public) say news stories often are inaccurate, 77% think that news organizations tend to favor one side (baised reporting), and 80% say news organizations are often influenced by powerful people and organizations (Information manipulated).” A Gallup poll, taken in September of 2015, showed that 60% of the American public still do not trust the main stream media to deliver the news fully, accurately and fairly.

Yet, Americans will continue to Read, Watch and Listen to what the Main Stream puts out daily – simply because they do not know where to go for non-biased, alternative investigative reporting.  Below are some Options to check out!  They are different than your family’s traditional News Source.

Alternative Options: (And Again There are many others, and if you find better ones please let me know via email:

*My Top 5 are as Follows:

  1. Gary Franchi’s Next News Network (
  2. The Real News Network (
  3. Reveal (The Center for Investigative Reporting) (
  4. World Affairs Brief (
  5. Sputnik (

Other Popular Mentions:

  1. Truthout (
  2. Reuters (
  3. The Nation (
  4. ProPublica (
  5. The Center for Public Integrity (
  6. FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) (
  7. Who, What, Why (
  9. WikiLeaks (

And another favorite of mine:

  • AllSides ( – Brings all Main Stream Media Talk Together – Usefull tool for gathering All Major Media together on one page.  It shows the Left – Center – and Right of Issues that come out from different media markets. (Not an alternative media site, but a useful place to see the articles together)


* Will Update this list periodically when I find better sources (or if the sources take a turn in the wrong direction) your involvement – comments and suggestions – is welcomed thank you

THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY MEDIA REPEATERS (Remember…Look for original Investigative Reporting not Media Repeaters)  Conan O’Brien Exposed the repeaters which shows that much of Network News is just a script.


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036 – “Pulling the Trigger, the 2016 US Election” – Podcast Episode

It’s Election 2016 here in the US, and let me tell you without pause, this election cycle for the race to our next president has been the most ridiculous and humorous I have ever witnessed.  election2016_rollmanrevolution

From the beginning of this race that started a little over a year ago & the announcement of the candidates who partook – all the way into the primary process,  this story could not of written itself any better!  (Or was there a helping hand?? Hmmm..)

Every 4 years in the United States, we have to endure another battle royal of nonsense with these elections, and each time a new one passes, more ridiculous the process seems, as it is very hard to believe that this is the best our country has to offer its citizens.

As I watched the Freak Show unravel, over this past year, the hypothesis I made about 16 years ago continues to hold true and falls into play exactly how I predict each cycle from the start.  (This cannot be a coincidence,  and I am not a fortune teller).

In this episode titled “Pulling the Trigger – The 2016 US Election” I will start out by discussing the past year and lead up to where we are now, following the 3rd and final debate.

I will touch on:

  1. The wild start within the primary process
  2. The confusion about “Delegates” & “Super-Delegates”
  3. The Illusion behind the primary process, and how YOUR primary vote in many cases does not decide the parties choice in the race
  4. How we arrive at 2 candidates (1 from each Major Party)
  5. The purpose of the DNC and RNC
  6. The Main Stream Media’s Part in the election process
  7. What Polling Data does during this process
  8. The Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump vs. The Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton
  9. The Amount of Money involved in these campaigns and what you need to understand behind these dollars
  10. My analysis of the whole narrative along with my perdiction as things stand today (10/21/2016).
  11. and finally….my well though out opinion on the Election process in America and other “Free” Nations.


So there is a ton I will discuss within this episode, as this is my wheel-house.  One of the major concerns I have about the progression of each election cycle is how we talk less about issues and more about the Candidates personal history.  The election is more of a reality show, rather than a process to be understood and respected.

Please leave your comments, and questions at the end of this post.  Otherwise… EMAIL, Twitter, Facebook me and lets keep the conversation going.

This is going to be another powerful episode!

Namaste everyone.

-David Rollman


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The 3rd US Presidential Debate – Trump Won just in case your were not paying attention.

I watched the 3rd and Final US Presidential debate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump debates Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (Mark Ralston/Pool via AP)

and I am troubled by what the #MSM (main stream media) and polls are saying. According to CNN, NBC, ORC polling, they give the 3rd debate to Hillary Clinton, which if you watch the debate closely there is no way in HELL that she won on any count. I rate debates on substance, not political BS, but actual talk. When you listen to Hillary Clinton speak, it is all pre-written talking points. I have told my audience, friends, and family…that I have no stake in the outcome of this election, as I feel the best candidates will never make the stage. However; only a mindless person would think Hillary Clinton won this 3rd and final debate. I watched intently as to the substance within each comment from each candidate, and the score I came to at the end of the debate, was TRUMP 25 – CLINTON 6. As many may know I was a debate prep person back in high school, and did the same when I went to USF. I know that debates are won on content, and how a person delivers that content. 2nd is how you sound when you deliver the content, do you sound presidential, or do you sound like a whiner. On just these two principles alone, Clinton loses. She smiles when she is pissed, she doubles talks when she is caught in a lie, and furthermore; I am tire of the main stream media, and the BS Polling in this country framing the election for one candidate – as to give the people the illusion they have choice. I will predict that after the 3 debates, Hillary Clinton will win this election by about 6-7% more Electoral Votes. That will hold the case unless there is a further October surprise…that the Trump campaign is holding back. And Regardless who wins, If you want to see what I saw last night. Hillary did not WIN….but the #MSM will not tell you otherwise as that is how rigged the Media is in this country and around the world. PROVE ME WRONG…as I have predicted with 100% accuracy over the last 4 major elections. Watch the debate…share the message. I will be doing a podcast that I hope will stimulate the minds of the dumb asses in America this weekend. Until then READ, RESEARCH, and Look into Facts on your own…because the Media is not your ally.

CHECK OUT THE DEBATE: and See how you score this!


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035 – “Truth, Identity, Time and your Voice – The power-cell of the Human Spirit” -Podcast Episode

This weeks episode will shake you up.humanspirit

My goal of this weeks podcast is to talk as true as I can to the masses, and try to get each and every one of you to recognize the power that lives within you (THE HUMAN SPIRIT).

I will not ramble on too long here, as I want the episode to speak for itself, as the VOICE…is such a powerful tool, to express – everything we can in this life.  This is not to say that the voice is the only way to change the world, but it is a very powerful tool to do just that.

I am a big believer, that when you understand – Truth, Claim your Identity, Recognize what Time really is, and understand the purpose of the Voice, THEN and ONLY then will your Human Spirit Resonate with the likes of you.

Each person on this planet, in this life, has a Voice and a Spirit.  But most of us, don’t know what to do with this Godly Gift.  I hope to inspire and inform you within the episode, the way on how to recognize this wonderful gift, and petition you not to waste it.

This is Going to be the most powerful episode to date…You will want to listen.  Also don’t forget to send any comments or testimonials…that can add to the dialogue presented here.

Have a wonderful week my friend and Universal Family. Namaste!

-David Rollman

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034 – “9/11 Conversation – 15 Years Later” – The Rollman Revolution audio Podcast

9/11 – 15 Years Later,

Yes…There is still much to be said about the events surrounding the attack on 9/11/2001, and from looking at the Main Stream Media’s take over the last 2 weeks – The really keep repeating the same BS.911 - More questions less answers

Now for many this episode will considered “Conspiracy” & “Controversial” and if you feel this way – I am alright with that.  However, You must understand why so many are not convinced with the official story-line 15 years later.   For those who have truly investigated the events and video footage about this event (looking at the physics, the facts that seem to get suppressed, and BS repeated within the MSM and Political System) are still not satisfied with the Official Story, and for very good reason.

In this episode…I will not sugar coat anything as all gloves are off.  I am not here to convince you of anything, I am here to inform you about all of the information at your disposal, if you are willing to turn the TV off and begin to educated yourself, with what you will not find in the newspapers, Public Radio, and your 50″ Idiot Box.

I can tell you from experience that my journey into this matter of 9/11 was not easy.  Just like majority of Americans, I believed exactly what my News broadcast company was telling me, I didn’t question any of it – Why? – Because the Media is supposed be to non-biased and report factual information.  Unfortunately as time went on over this issue, more questions emerged, and less and less of the official answers – seemed plausible.

Many people today, who still deny, the alternative to the 9/11 cover story, do so simply because they do not want to believe that their government and those who support there story, could ever be capable of lying to its citizens.  Psychologically we depend on “Big Brother” to watch over us and tell us when things are good or bad (But Be Honest in this action).  However, as time goes on and you really dig deep in to all the information about this Day… You will become more and more angry, and your trust in the Information you get from the Powers that Be will start to diminish.

We are at a point in history, where information is Instant, and Illusions are able to be generated in so many ways.   All I ask is that people start to investigate big stories and important events from multiple avenues of information.  Look for EVIDENCE, and if they (all Media) cannot provide your with names, dates, clues etc… that can be properly validated –  you must assume that it is NOT TRUE, until you can find these facts yourself.

I anticipate more events like 9/11 will reveal themselves as we go further into the 21st Century, only because the majority of the world, continues to digest this Propaganda, and Subversion without any resistance.

Your Journey begins NOW.  RIGHT NOW…  Start to ask questions, start to seek the accuracy behind answers, look deeper in to “FACTS” presented, and never settle for answers you cannot validate on your own.

This event, was the tipping point for many who continue to speak out to this day… as 9/11 changed the way we view our Governments, Politicians, Media Giants, and Shills, which still regurgitate this nonsense.

I have faith that someday in the near future, the victims and the family members of these victims, will have a proper investigation into the “REAL” story of 9/11.   When 3,000+ people die without a proper investigation, and there is more BS then Fact surrounding the Official Version, we as a community of HUMAN Beings (Not Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Middle Eastern, European, etc..) have to throw away the Social Divide – and realize we are being played by these powerful groups, and we are not part of the CLUB.

The STAGE of war continues to this day – around the world – driven by hate and facilitated by an agenda driven media, whos job is to keep giving the population a reason for justification of there country’s Government – to continue the course of violence, occupation, and murder.

I do not claim to have All the “Facts”, I would never do this – nor try to portray this on my show and in my work.  However, After 15 years of this crap, I know when I am being lied to.  This is why I have been speaking out for close to 2 years now on different subjects relating to the suppression of information, and the psychological operation of continued BS within the Main Stream.

I will leave a few links below that I feel will help guide you as to the back story of 9/11.  I will not be showing any videos about the event, as You can research this via YouTube and other entities across the web.  Having said this I will point you to two documents I feel will get you concerned, and then it is up to you what you do or where you go hereafter.

Namaste my Friends, Family, and Fans…  You are my engine that keeps Me fighting for the future of the world we share.  I cannot do this without your help, please spread the message if you feel someone may benefit from the content.

-David Rollman

Also if this episode gets you thinking… then you will also want to check out Episode 008 (Which discusses the reality of choice you have within major news media today.



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One of the Best Voices on the Ignorance of Racism – Jane Elliott

There are not enough educators tackling the big social issues in this world today, however; even though many may

Jane Elliott talks about race and racism at Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino, CA, Thursday, April 7, 2016. Elliott developed a classroom experiment in 1968 for her all-white class of third graders to teach them about discrimination and racism by separating those with blue eyes from those with brown eyes. (Photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/The Sun)

Jane Elliott talks about race and racism at Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino, CA, Thursday, April 7, 2016. Elliott developed a classroom experiment in 1968 for her all-white class of third graders to teach them about discrimination and racism by separating those with blue eyes from those with brown eyes. (Photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/The Sun)

already know this woman – I had not discovered her work until a few days ago.  Jane Elliott is REAL EDUCATOR.  Not your typical “TEACHER” as many like to define as a person who stands in front of students and deliver what the text books are sharing.  No, Mrs Elliott is an Educator, a person that strips away the nonsense to deliver the reality of what society and culture has developed as “Truth”.

On the Rollman Revolution audio Podcast – I try every week to tackle Big Issues, and Re-Educate the masses, by stimulating my listeners in a way – to get them off the Ass.  Society and cultures alike have shared ignorance from generation to generation. So, if we as Human Beings don’t pause for a moment and re-visit the core of these teachings – we stand to pass on propaganda and BS to all future generations.

Jane Elliott is someone I wish all my fans, followers, and family to spend a few minutes and Watch the Videos Below. Furthermore, if you see something that peaks your interest, you can find her wisdom at her Website: JaneElliot 

Please Enjoy just a taste of REAL EDUCATION in the two videos below.  You will not find a better voice for the Ignorance behind “RACISM”

-David Rollman

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033 – “Knowledge Hidden within Dogmatic Systems – The Rollman Revolution audio Podcast

Welcome back my friends,

This is going to be another informative episode, I promise you. knowledge-hidden-within-dogma

It has been about a month since I recorded my last episode (#32), and just like anytime before this, I have reasons for the downtime.  Over this past month, I have experienced more growing pains as my show, and the content I produce, has reached more people then I could have ever hoped for, only a year and a half into production.

But with amazing growth, comes the storm of folks that, don’t like the Facts or Content I present.  Don’t get me wrong majority of the people who have connected with me, say great things, and really enjoy the show.  However, there are a few that have an interesting way of shutting me out.

So this past month, I have experienced a new turn on the Rollman Revolution, and I am happy to say…I am here to stay and things are only going to get more powerful and interesting, so walk with me my friends, as this is a journey we all will benefit from. (Including myself, as I continue to grow in wisdom every day).

So this week, Knowledge Hidden within Dogmatic systems!  That is a mouthful – – but don’t worry, the title may be a bit much, but I assure you I will present this topic in a way you will enjoy.

In this episode, I will start off with the challenges I have had over these past 30 days, and Re-Explain my mission, to those who have been asking what this show is all about.  Every day I get email from people all around the world, and many like to know ONE WORD that tells them everything.  Unfortunately words will never do this show, or explain anything you experience in life, very well.   We will talk about words quite a bit in this episode, by playing a word game.  I will be taking the title of this weeks show, and breaking it down word by word.

As this process goes on, I will take you on a little journey, and show you how…your mind (brain, Knowledge, wisdom etc..) has been trained/manipulated by the Truth (and Bull-S*it) shared within Dogmatic Systems you experience in your world everyday.

I have much to say about this topic, so stay focused and be entertained throughout this episode.

I want to thank you all for the support and commitment you have made to me, and allowing me also to do what I do. This show doesn’t exist without those who want to change this world for the better, and everyday I hear stories and connect with more people doing just that.

If you have any question…feel free to email me or connect with me via Social Media, all the links are at the top of the website.

Namaste everyone,


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032 – Election 2016 – WTF part 1 – The Rollman Revolution audio Podcast

Okay Election 2106, What the Fuck is going on Part 1.  election-2016

Hello again everyone.  This is my assessment of the 2016 US election so far.  I will not be sugar coating anything going forward…as I feel this will insult you intelligence.  People in America need to wake the hell up, and I will tell you why in this episode.  I must warn you that this episode is Explicit , and not for the younger persons ear. But for those who have a brain…you need to wake up and listen.

I have no stake in the outcome of this election, as I feel Parties and Names do not matter. You need to wake up to the truth that is being suppressed within the #MSM (or main stream media).

This is from the heart…I don’t care if you don’t agree with me as long as you know WHY you are saying YES to one and not to the other.  KNOW the REAL truth behind the fabric of illusion of CHOICE my friend, because this is where real POWER resides.


WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW…IF YOU WANT TO SEE US MEDIA PRODUCING BS at the Smaller Scale.  Don’t think this doesn’t happen on the Larger SCALE.  ENJOY!

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