Natural Medicine vs Mechanistic Medicine (A Look at Marijuana)

As many know…I am a very knowledgeable person about pharmacology ( pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics) as I enjoy this subject immensely. And even though, I am not a user of Marijuana for recreational or Medical use —- I still have a huge issue with THE DEA’s scheduling of Marijuana as a Category (schedule) “1” drug. My issues again with “Drugs in America” has been the same for the past 10 years as majority of the time answer to the question is written within the wording of the Law. Having said this (and referring to the Picture below of the DEA’s verbiage) you will see the problem. The words “No Current ACCEPTED Medical Use…” is the highlight. And to go a step further…You will see the other drugs Marijuana is grouped with (Heroin, LSD, MDMA etc..). Now here is the deal my friends, there has been numerous studies looking into the use and practical applications for medical reasons (on all of the drugs listed in the Schedule 1 group). Furthermore, every drug listed here…has had several studies linking themselves to an effective (temporary cure) to certain medical conditions Under controlled applications! Now… before I get pounded by anyone, I do not support the de-regulation of these drugs, as 97% can and do have long-term side effects if not used under a controlled dose and/or supervision (eg. dependency or overdose) EXCEPT MARIJUANA. ***THERE have been countless studies…that continue to go on to this day, showing the great potential this Plant has done for people suffering from: Alzheimer’s disease, MS, Anxiety, Cancer, Dravet’s Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowl Disease, Arthritis, regulating metabolism, Parkinson’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, PSTD, as well as protecting the brain after a person has a stroke AND…has been known to allow people to become more creative (and find an over-all sense of well being).

To this day, in 2017, I still run into many people who have not done the research and will continue to argue that this is not a real medical drug…and that people just want to use this to “GET HIGH”. Rubbish! Also in this conversation, these same people will argue that the pharmaceutical industry has Approved drugs that solve all of these medical problems listed above. However, what they will not tell you (or admit) is that Big Pharma, is in the “mechanical medicine” business and not the natural medicine business! And here is the difference…. Mechanical Medicine is a drug created in a lab, that is designed to do one of the following within a biological organism: (Inhibit, Block, Convert, stimulate, and/or supress) something within the body in order to drive another result…in this case fight the problem or illness in question. Unfortunately, because of how mechanistic medicine works within the body, by turning switches on and off in some way, they usually have a decent amount of possible side effects. (Read any label of any medicine you have ever taken in a pharmacy, over the counter, or via commercial marketing). The literature is unbelievable in some cases.

NOW…. I am NOT saying that ALL drugs sold over the counter, or within a pharmacy, today are Bad, I do not jump to those conclusions. As a matter of fact I feel that some of these Drugs have a good use for the “SHORT TERM” as getting to the root cause of any problem is key (in my opinion) and the purpose of Medicine aka to CURE (make better). But today, there is just a drug for every bug and a pill for every ill….and this SHIT needs to stop.

To COME FULL CIRCLE… and the purpose of this post…is to say that The United States, puts more regulation on Natural Medicine (that has been used by ancient cultures with little or no side effects) as opposed to Mechanistic Medicine sold to millions everyday. In particular Marijuana a natural plant that anyone can learn to grow in their own back yard, has more medical benefits & uses. To place this Natural Medicine in the DEA Schedule 1 group is ridiculous and only placed here for financial as well as political purposes.

My friends, family, and fans…I encourage you to put aside any biased information you may have acquired thus far in your life as it relates to medicine and health care. In my opinion the more natural a product is, the more beneficial its potential to the healing properties within medical research today.

Please make this a conversation to have within your circles over the next year, as there is so much we have to learn from Natural Medicine. Also take the time to not rush in judgement of any issues you have not taken time to research on your own. It is time we look at the data, listen to the lives of those who have the experience, and understand why historical cultures had an amazing connection to nature and how we benefit from our natural world.

Namaste Everyone! Please Share and leave comments below.

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