Language, Words & Symbols – What you need to know

Two subjects that I have a high affinity towards: 1) Language (Words) — 2) Symbols (their roots within history).
It is amazing, that these two subjects are at the heart of everyday culture; but ironically they are most often misunderstood.
Language, which is the center of communication within a society or culture, consistently gets misused or butchered – which results in that society – to further manipulate the language in order for everyone to feel comfortable with its use. The ending result of this manipulation creates new terms such as “Soft Language” or “Political Correctness” which in my opinion destroys the original meanings of terms (aka “WORDS”).
Symbols, which are a “graphic drawing character” – that is used to represent an idea, object, function, or process -used to minimize a need for a complete explanation using linear language. Today Symbols are used to “Brand” products within our consumeristic society. People no longer have to read the name of a company or organization in order to understand, they can just look at the symbol and it automatically downloads many buzzwords that they have been trained to associate to that symbol or “brand”.
But for me, I feel Language, Words, and Symbols have been hijacked by the Corporate Main Stream – Governments, Media, Businesses, & Religions!!! This Pre-Meditated manipulation by the industries listed above, is the reason this “soft language” and Symbol Programming has destroyed majority of our worlds critical thinking and true understanding of communication.
Language is only effective if we understand the direct intent of the words being used to convey an idea, thought, or statement. When language gets manipulated, as it has today, we develop these NEW multiple meanings, which are completely unnecessary – and causes confusion among those within these exchanges.
Furthermore, because of language and word manipulation, the world has now developed something called “euphemismistic” language or “Political Correct” language. For example – It has been deemed inappropriate to say a person is a “Slob”, rather we are taught to use the words “messy” or “unorganized” or “all over the place” – which softens the word and its original intent. There is nothing wrong with the word slob. As a matter of fact I am sure you know or have met many slobs in your life. Why is the word no longer considered appropriate to use? If we are told not to use these words then why give them a place in the dictionary at all?
The term “Shell Shock” (a condition military soldiers can get from being exposed to heavy combat where their nervous system is stressed to its absolute breaking point) has changed over the years to “battle fatigue” then to “Operational Exhaustion” and finally to “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”
Now if you have made it this far in reading, you will start to see the what language manipulation does. It takes a direct piece of information and dumbs it down to a point where its original intent is no longer felt. It takes the TRUTH within the word(s) throws it into a blender – to make a softer, more gentle, no-feelings-hurt, Language.
This game is played at every level within the Main Stream today, and once you understand the reason why these industries do this, it becomes easier to recognize it.
The US Government with the help of the Media is famous for taking simple words and forcing the public to make permanent associations to these words. For example, since the attack of Sept 11th 2001, the word ‘Terrorist’ has been re-invented to no longer ONLY mean a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Today the word terrorist (or terrorism) has been grouped into a SYMBOL that has multiple meanings.
In a 2011 poll, regarding Media Bias, a group of random Americans were asked when they hear the word “Terrorist” or “Terrorism” – what is the first idea or feeling that comes to mind? And Not surprising… The Words/Ideas that made the top were: 9/11, Muslim, Middle East, ISIS, Islam, & Osama bin Laden.
And this is why my friends, I get extremely angry when Big Industries try to manipulate our Words, Language & Symbols – on purpose in order to hide us from the TRUTH.
I could go on an on about Symbols in and of themselves as well….but that would take another 10 paragraphs.
My point is this: I love direct language and symbols left in their original meaning. Communication today would be so much easier if people would stop getting offended by words and the truth their intent was designed for. I listen to commentary over the television today from group after group, getting offended by the intent of someone else’s OPINION (or Choice of Words). The only people who get offended by direct language, are those who are uncomfortable with who they are, and become unhinged by another person’s ignorant assessment and word choice.
However, I also believe that by using Political Correctness, Soft Language, & euphemismistic language to change the original intent of a statement is making human beings weak.
Parent’s teach their children, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but, names (WORDS) will never hurt me”…. but unfortunately it seems that every new generation is losing their self worth, identity, & critical thinking.
The True Interpretation of meaning and how we communicate is one of the staples of a Successful culture. When I observe all of above daily, I become concerned – simply because majority of this world doesn’t see the long-term, irreversible effects of language and symbol manipulation.
I will be doing a podcast show covering this topic in August, if you have any questions concerning this matter and would like to ask a question or chime in…please leave it in the comments below.
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David Rollman

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