Is the Earth-Flat? My honest response to multiple fans email questions.


People keep emailing me and asking me David, Do believe in Flat Earth or are you a Flat Earther? So let me put this to bed right now on this page, and I will do a follow up podcast episode in the near future to answer this as well. When I heard about Flat Earth about 2 years ago, I was off the chain apposed to the idea, and would not even consider it worth my time. However, people kept telling me David you need to look into this issue, knowing that I have had been very outspoken and skeptical about NASA for Years. I still to this day believe 90% of the info that comes from NASA and other privet/government controlled agencies is mostly a Nonsense. Furthermore, I do believe that most of those who go to work for NASA, do so for positive reasons. Having said that, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Most of these folks, set out to do good work, and many in my opinion, are not let in on the BIG SECRETS as most of the work done within Government Controlled entities, is highly compartmentalized!

But as many people knew, that I was not a believer in the Moon missions, and BS that comes out from the scientific community of Government Corporations, figured I would be on board with believing in Flat Earth as well…. and that was not the case when this issue was brought about 2 years ago.

It wasn’t until Jan-Feb 2016, that I was introduced to a man Named Santos Bonacci. I received a video documentary titled “The Awakening of a new wave of Consciousness” (which is still available on YouTube). This film discussed the new age of awakening and Mr Bonacci discussed some very interesting things about Astrology and History, that got me to thinking about The Bible and some of the quotes I remembered in College about Greek philosophy.

This “Dome Firmament” topic, came to mind (as I only recently received a 4 year Lay Pastoral Certification in 2010 from the USCCB when I was involved with Religion to a High degree. I no longer am a believer in Organized Religion or Religious Dogma Practices (which is a different story for another time) but this 4 year certification was the “Linchpin” that allowed me to recall many of the topics that these Greek Philosophers were discussing thousands of years ago. So…with re-reading Genesis from many different Bible translations, I kept reading this “Firmament” being used, which linked me to this future topic called “Flat Earth” for the next 11 months.

So I opened my search page, and typed “The Flat Earth Debate”!!! And I was blown away that there were Hundreds-of-thousands entries (articles, videos, and commentary) covering a topic, that I felt at the time — was a NON-issue. This new discovery, definitely peaked my interest now, as I am an intelligent guy, but to this point knew nothing of this conversation. So what I did next was what any intelligent person would/should do…..I started reading! I read both sides of the issue – those that were saying the Earth is Flat and those who were saying the Earth is a Globe, but the more I read the more questions I started to have. I mean, how could so many people think the Earth is Flat, when Science “proved” over 500 years ago that we were mistaken and we just didn’t have the right know-how at the time to make the discovery we were living on a globe!!?

Regardless, of what I thought back in Jan 2016, I made the decision to really give this issue a look. So being taught at a young age that we all live on a tilted sphere that spins about 1,000 Mph and hurling itself around the Sun at some wicked speeds and the sun as well traveling in the universe even faster… My brain kicked in and just asked a question —> How did we come to these conclusions? or Better yet… What is the proof that all of this is true? (what has Science proven?).

After about 3 weeks of reading anything in sight, every night when I got home from work, I became more over-whelmed by the information. I kept having new questions arise, and in asking myself these new questions with trying to find a plauseable answer, I would develop more questions. So needless to say my brain started to cramp up.
I remember one night, beginning to get so frustrated from this NEW information I decided to walk away from this topic for a week. I didn’t open my computer the entire week because I knew if I did, my mind would try to continue to work on this problem. After the week ended, I decided to take another approach, and this is when it started to get interesting. I made the decision to try to disprove all of these people who were pushing out this Flat Earth Business. I thought this was going to be the easiest approach, simply because there have been contradicting arguments among some flat earthers online. So I began posting within several forums to FE groups asking them to answer my questions using data that could be validated. Within in two days time, I received 50 plus responses to my questions, and this my friends is where the things began to get interesting.
By posting within different forums, I was able to weed out those who were just pushing their own ideas vs. those who had done the work to prove their theories with data, experiments, logical reasoning, and honesty. And when I say “Honesty” there were many within these groups who said – The just don’t know….when they Honestly — Did Not Know, which for me that speaks volumes as the Scientific community for decades always seems to have the Answer. It is very seldom today that NASA (or High-Brow Scientific publications) say we have no clue. And with my years of experience with studying provable government conspiracies and learning to question authority (and asking questions in general) I was glad to hear people within their method of inquiry say we just don’t know.
After weeding out those who were taking this topic seriously and those who were not, I received an email from a guy in Australia who saw my questions online. This Man had been on a similar quest as I and pointed me to a video on YouTube. The title of this video was called The History of the Flat Earth, by Eric Dubay.
Now…Up to this point I didn’t watch YouTube videos or documentaries about Flat Earth, as I was looking for hard data, not someone’s opinion or commentary. However, within any journey sometimes you will come to a point where taking a different road might be the best option. This gentleman from Australia reached out to me, seeing my concern, and offered me advice that helped him along his journey – so I decided to give it a look.
Before I go any further, I believe anyone in this life is entitled to their opinion or view. My only concern to those out there, who believe the Earth is a Globe or is a flat stationary Plane, is to know why you believe it to be so. This is my only criteria when I engage in conversation with anyone with opposing view on a subject. Don’t just say this is what I believe, and not have a reason for your decision. I personally feel that everyone should have an informed opinion about every subject, as that is how we develop these things called: Virtues, Knowledge, and Belief!
If you have made it this far my fans, friends, and family….I am finally going to answer the question that many continue to keep asking me. Do I believe the Earth is Flat? Okay…so here it goes —> and this is a two part answer.
After watching Eric Dubay’s Video this lead me to many more videos and conversations that I would have over the course of 11 months. During this time I befriended, Santos Bonacci along with many other free thinkers. Anyone who know me well, are aware that I am not a person who gets caught up in “GROUPS”. I believe in sharing knowledge as it is acquired, and keeping an open mind during your journey for truth. Around November-December 2016, I did a podcast episode titled “The psychology of Flat Earth”. Within this episode, I discussed the journey that many people have had in discovering this topic (as well as myself), and my gut feelings about FE as it stands today, with all the data I have gathered. I have done several experiments on my own and compared this with others who have been doing the same thing in different areas around our planet. MY CONCLUSION is as follows. Is the Earth Flat? My answer is I don’t know entirely. Having said that….Is the Earth Round or Oblate? My answer is a Big Hell NO!!
Now if you don’t like this answer, that is understandable (from both sides of this debate). First you must understand, if I am to be taken seriously as a person who looks at things with an open mind, I must also answer to myself (honestly)! After looking into this topic for over a year now… all I can say to my fans, and those who follow my work is I continue to research this topic every week, and my journey is still not complete yet. When I say “I don’t know entirely” that is me being honest with you. Do I believe the Earth Could be Flat, absolutely! There is more and more logical and experimental data coming out every single day. And as more folks get involved with this topic, I feel I will have a more confident answer by the end of 2017. Sadly many people who will read this post will over-look the most important part of what I said, focusing on that fact that I am not 100% convinced we are on a flat motionless plane; missing my comment that I believe with are not spinning on a globe.

My plans for 2017 is to discover what exactly we are living on! The year 2016 allowed me to remove 1 part of the puzzle, and that was to remove the information of what we are Not living on. Now, that I have erased 500 years of BS (and added it to my file cabinet of other government BS – NASA BS etc..) I can now continue to reach out the world for new information, with a new premise of knowledge in mind.

I want to thank Santos Bonacci and Eric Dubay in particular (as well as many others who have played a smaller role in my journey) for the insights you bring to the table every day. As there are so many people out there who have been on this FE road much longer than I have, I am still pacing myself in the hope to catch up with all of you sometime soon.
I know this story answers the question for all of you who have been reaching out to me. At the same time, I believe I am not the only one who is still on a quest for Flat Earth.
So from my heart to yours, Namaste my friends.
-David S. Rollman

P.S. Please continue to send me NEW info on this subject and other subjects that relate to this topic.

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