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“046 – The Shedding of what Was to What is – Podcast Episode”

WE ARE BACK!!! I would like to begin by saying Thank You to everyone, who reached out to me during my well needed time away, and to say you are the reason why I love what I do and will

045 – “Relationships 101” – Podcast Episode

Hello again Friends, Fans, Followers & my extended Family, I am so thankful to all of you out there who continue to share, and support the Rollman Revolution as I surge forward daily with the goal of making YOU and

044 – “Don’t Get me started Part 2: Systematic Education in America” -Podcast Episode

Hello Everybody….. I know I have been away…but Trust me it has been for Good Personal Reasons. Nonetheless, I continue with this new episode about Education in America.  This is the 2nd of the a 3 part series, “Don’t get

043 – Don’t Get Me Started (Part 1) – NASA Moon Missions – Podcast Episode

Don’t Get Me Started Part 1 of a 3 or 4 part series: In this episode I will be covering the NASA Moon Mission, in particular the Apollo Missions.  I personally have been fed up with all of the nonsense

042 – “The Purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life!” – Podcast Episode

By several emails and other requests… The Title for this episode is:  The purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life! The summary below is identical to the talking points message at

041 – “Breaking the Silence Within” – Communication in the 21st Century – Podcast Episode

Breaking the Silence Within is the podcast episode that you don’t want to miss. Hello again everyone, Communication is something we do everyday.  Whether we are watching television, listening to the radio, talking on our cell phones or having a

040 – “Honesty and Laughter” – Podcast Episode

Happy February Everyone, This episode is going to be a short episode, but it will cover many of the things I continue to receive emails about.  First, I will discuss (Laughter) learning how to laugh at yourself and not taking

039 – “2017 New Chapter in the Game of Life” Podcast Episode

Happy New Year Everyone, 2017 is now here, and we have an opportunity to make this year even better than all others up to this point.  I love the new year, just because that is when people are at their

038 – “The Psychology of Perception – Flat Earth part 2” – Podcast Episode

Well Well Well, Happy Holidays to all my fans out there.  This episode was recorded due to over 50+ emails of my fans wanting to hear more.  Again, I am not the GURU of Flat Earth, but I have been

037 – Confidence: The missing ingredient in the future of your Dreams – Podcast Episode

Confidence?  What is it? Who Has it? Where did it go?  Why has it gone?   These are many of the questions people have throughout their lives in the pursuit of their dreams.  However, Confidence is something we are all