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YES YES YES – Here We Go Again – 2018

Yea!  March 1st is going to be the release of Season 3 of the Rollman Revolution Podcast.  Thank you to everyone who has listened & shared. I have been working on several new ideas and I am so happy that I

Re-Grand Opening is just around the corner – the past 4 month explained…

HELLO EVERYONE…. IT has been a very long time since I have posted a New Rollman Revolution Podcast Episode, and for all my fans and friends out there – I do apologize. Having said this, it has been for very

UPDATE – To the Fans/Followers of the Podcast

Hello Everyone, I have received many emails from my fans and followers to the show, and I want to post my response here, so that you all can get the info you are asking.  THE PODCAST, has been temporarily postponed

OMG – Hurricane Irma – Tampa Bay Area

Hello my friends, Well lets just say…This summer has not been a very friendly one for the Rollman Revolution. However, I never find room to complain.  I just wanted to touch base with my friend, fans and any others who

Language, Words & Symbols – What you need to know

Two subjects that I have a high affinity towards: 1) Language (Words) — 2) Symbols (their roots within history).   It is amazing, that these two subjects are at the heart of everyday culture; but ironically they are most often

I have been away, but the return is very soon.

Hello to all my friends, fans, and followers, I apologize for the down time…as I that has not been my intention.  I love podcasting and enjoy connecting with people every day.  However, the past 2+ Month I had to deal and the work of Richard D. Hall

AS I AM A BIG BELIEVER in Promoting the work of other people – especially when they are on point and continue to generate Great Work… I would like to Introduce you to Richard D Hall and his website to all

Is the Earth-Flat? My honest response to multiple fans email questions.

THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONs: People keep emailing me and asking me David, Do believe in Flat Earth or are you a Flat Earther? So let me put this to bed right now on this page, and I will do

Change your Habits, Change your Life – A Video of Encouragement

The Video Below is just designed to motivate, inspire, and challenge those who feel they are not winning in their world today.  By changing your habits and changing your mind – your life will follow with that change.  If you

Natural Medicine vs Mechanistic Medicine (A Look at Marijuana)

As many know…I am a very knowledgeable person about pharmacology ( pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics) as I enjoy this subject immensely. And even though, I am not a user of Marijuana for recreational or Medical use —- I still have a