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Language, Words & Symbols – What you need to know

Two subjects that I have a high affinity towards: 1) Language (Words) — 2) Symbols (their roots within history).   It is amazing, that these two subjects are at the heart of everyday culture; but ironically they are most often

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I have been away, but the return is very soon.

Hello to all my friends, fans, and followers, I apologize for the down time…as I that has not been my intention.  I love podcasting and enjoy connecting with people every day.  However, the past 2+ Month I had to deal

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AS I AM A BIG BELIEVER in Promoting the work of other people – especially when they are on point and continue to generate Great Work… I would like to Introduce you to Richard D Hall and his website to all

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Is the Earth-Flat? My honest response to multiple fans email questions.

THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONs: People keep emailing me and asking me David, Do believe in Flat Earth or are you a Flat Earther? So let me put this to bed right now on this page, and I will do

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Change your Habits, Change your Life – A Video of Encouragement

The Video Below is just designed to motivate, inspire, and challenge those who feel they are not winning in their world today.  By changing your habits and changing your mind – your life will follow with that change.  If you

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Natural Medicine vs Mechanistic Medicine (A Look at Marijuana)

As many know…I am a very knowledgeable person about pharmacology ( pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics) as I enjoy this subject immensely. And even though, I am not a user of Marijuana for recreational or Medical use —- I still have a

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So you really want to know? Okay – I will tell you!

Hello everyone – I have missed you all! Seeing that I have been a bit busy lately – I figured the best way to answer some of my fans and followers, who have asked a similar question, was to place

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Where do you get your News and Information? The Facts and the Alternative Solution.

To those out there who follow my podcast show will know that The Main Stream Media is a topic of which I discuss at length.  Mainly because it has become very difficult today to locate non-biased News and Information. Majority

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The 3rd US Presidential Debate – Trump Won just in case your were not paying attention.

I watched the 3rd and Final US Presidential debate and I am troubled by what the #MSM (main stream media) and polls are saying. According to CNN, NBC, ORC polling, they give the 3rd debate to Hillary Clinton, which if

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One of the Best Voices on the Ignorance of Racism – Jane Elliott

There are not enough educators tackling the big social issues in this world today, however; even though many may already know this woman – I had not discovered her work until a few days ago.  Jane Elliott is REAL EDUCATOR.

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