and the work of Richard D. Hall

AS I AM A BIG BELIEVER in Promoting the work of other people – especially when they are on point and continue to generate Great Work…

I would like to Introduce you to Richard D Hall and his website to all those within my circle (and follow the content I discuss here at The Rollman Revolution)

Richard’s website along with much of his content is available for free via YouTube or directly from If this is the first time you have heard of Mr. Hall, then you are in for a treat.

He has been investigating a broad range of topics for numerous years now -producing many videos/lectures/shows since early 2010 – focusing on (False Flags, Media Manipulation, Phony Journalism, UFOs, 9/11 as well as many other “Controversial Topics“).

Now you may not be interested in all of the work/subjects he covers; however, if you go to his website and check out the large list of his lectures or shows – I can promise you there will be something that will peak your interest.

Richard’s process is all based upon verifiable & factual information (as he is all about following the evidence). Furthermore, if he make’s any opinions or speculates – He will say – “In my opinion…” or “I am speculating here…” (which is almost unheard of within the News and information we receive today)

In a world where everyone is competing for your attention, it becomes very difficult to determine which websites, television programs and/or other written publications to focus on, while avoiding all the others that are just handing out rubbish – designed to keep you in the dark & feeding you shit!

The work that has been done at Richplanet in my opinion is Master Class, and worth your time. So when you have time please check out the links below. If you find his work to be well presented and something that raises your interests – subscribe to his YouTube page and his website,  to keep up to date on all his latest information.

***Thank you Richard for your continued pursuit of Truth within the Content you provide*** 

Namaste my friends.

-David S. Rollman


Richard D. Hall’s website:

Rich-planet YouTube Page:  “RICHARD HALL – YOUTUBE”

Rich-planet Facebook Page:  “Richplanet TV”

OR Follow Him Via Facebook:  Richard D. Hall Facebook Page



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043 – Don’t Get Me Started (Part 1) – NASA Moon Missions – Podcast Episode

Don’t Get Me Started Part 1 of a 3 or 4 part series:

In this episode I will be covering the NASA Moon Mission, in particular the Apollo Missions.  I personally have been fed up with all of the nonsense that just keeps repeating itself within the Main Stream today.  So I decided to say something about it.  Anyone who has done enough research into subject like this one, will come to the same conclusions as I have.  People today just do not give themselves the time to look at issues such as this from new angles and really get to the heart of the matter.  They are too busy with what life throws at them to care about issues that matter, and ultimately will alter the course of truth.

“Those who control the past, control the future.”

Please Check out the videos below, and I will update this page later this week with other Web Links that will give you the necessary stuff to start your own investigation if you so choose.  The Moon Mission, 9/11, the Main Stream Media, The Government Controlled Wars, and The Manipulation of the Educations system are subjects that I feel need to be addressed everyday, as we are losing the battle for truth in America and around the world.   We as people are responsible for what happens.

Sapiens (or what others like to call Human) are destroying each other every day.  We lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and kill our own kind with a blink of an eye – and this is you OWN RACE.  Think about what Sapiens would do to someone or something that is not their own kind???

What the Science program has done to us is exactly what the other entities (MSM, GOV’T, EDUCATION) have followed along with as well.  Manipulate the mind of the people and they will fall in line to what every THEY say.  You have heard of ‘sheeple’?  Sheep-People – those that just follow the herd?  Then ask yourself why don’t you stand up and make the difference?  Why don’t you exploit BIG BROTHERS Bull-shit?

You and you alone can make the difference…but you have to educate yourself with the truth, and “Remove Truth’s protective layers” as Neil Armstrong said at the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11.

There are many out there that know how corrupt the system has become, but It is up to us to make this change and become more read, more informed people.  The time for ignorance is no more.  Excuses are no longer acceptable.

Namaste My Friends  – Please Check out the Videos Below.

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Is the Earth-Flat? My honest response to multiple fans email questions.


People keep emailing me and asking me David, Do believe in Flat Earth or are you a Flat Earther? So let me put this to bed right now on this page, and I will do a follow up podcast episode in the near future to answer this as well. When I heard about Flat Earth about 2 years ago, I was off the chain apposed to the idea, and would not even consider it worth my time. However, people kept telling me David you need to look into this issue, knowing that I have had been very outspoken and skeptical about NASA for Years. I still to this day believe 90% of the info that comes from NASA and other privet/government controlled agencies is mostly a Nonsense. Furthermore, I do believe that most of those who go to work for NASA, do so for positive reasons. Having said that, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Most of these folks, set out to do good work, and many in my opinion, are not let in on the BIG SECRETS as most of the work done within Government Controlled entities, is highly compartmentalized!

But as many people knew, that I was not a believer in the Moon missions, and BS that comes out from the scientific community of Government Corporations, figured I would be on board with believing in Flat Earth as well…. and that was not the case when this issue was brought about 2 years ago.

It wasn’t until Jan-Feb 2016, that I was introduced to a man Named Santos Bonacci. I received a video documentary titled “The Awakening of a new wave of Consciousness” (which is still available on YouTube). This film discussed the new age of awakening and Mr Bonacci discussed some very interesting things about Astrology and History, that got me to thinking about The Bible and some of the quotes I remembered in College about Greek philosophy.

This “Dome Firmament” topic, came to mind (as I only recently received a 4 year Lay Pastoral Certification in 2010 from the USCCB when I was involved with Religion to a High degree. I no longer am a believer in Organized Religion or Religious Dogma Practices (which is a different story for another time) but this 4 year certification was the “Linchpin” that allowed me to recall many of the topics that these Greek Philosophers were discussing thousands of years ago. So…with re-reading Genesis from many different Bible translations, I kept reading this “Firmament” being used, which linked me to this future topic called “Flat Earth” for the next 11 months.

So I opened my search page, and typed “The Flat Earth Debate”!!! And I was blown away that there were Hundreds-of-thousands entries (articles, videos, and commentary) covering a topic, that I felt at the time — was a NON-issue. This new discovery, definitely peaked my interest now, as I am an intelligent guy, but to this point knew nothing of this conversation. So what I did next was what any intelligent person would/should do…..I started reading! I read both sides of the issue – those that were saying the Earth is Flat and those who were saying the Earth is a Globe, but the more I read the more questions I started to have. I mean, how could so many people think the Earth is Flat, when Science “proved” over 500 years ago that we were mistaken and we just didn’t have the right know-how at the time to make the discovery we were living on a globe!!?

Regardless, of what I thought back in Jan 2016, I made the decision to really give this issue a look. So being taught at a young age that we all live on a tilted sphere that spins about 1,000 Mph and hurling itself around the Sun at some wicked speeds and the sun as well traveling in the universe even faster… My brain kicked in and just asked a question —> How did we come to these conclusions? or Better yet… What is the proof that all of this is true? (what has Science proven?).

After about 3 weeks of reading anything in sight, every night when I got home from work, I became more over-whelmed by the information. I kept having new questions arise, and in asking myself these new questions with trying to find a plauseable answer, I would develop more questions. So needless to say my brain started to cramp up.
I remember one night, beginning to get so frustrated from this NEW information I decided to walk away from this topic for a week. I didn’t open my computer the entire week because I knew if I did, my mind would try to continue to work on this problem. After the week ended, I decided to take another approach, and this is when it started to get interesting. I made the decision to try to disprove all of these people who were pushing out this Flat Earth Business. I thought this was going to be the easiest approach, simply because there have been contradicting arguments among some flat earthers online. So I began posting within several forums to FE groups asking them to answer my questions using data that could be validated. Within in two days time, I received 50 plus responses to my questions, and this my friends is where the things began to get interesting.
By posting within different forums, I was able to weed out those who were just pushing their own ideas vs. those who had done the work to prove their theories with data, experiments, logical reasoning, and honesty. And when I say “Honesty” there were many within these groups who said – The just don’t know….when they Honestly — Did Not Know, which for me that speaks volumes as the Scientific community for decades always seems to have the Answer. It is very seldom today that NASA (or High-Brow Scientific publications) say we have no clue. And with my years of experience with studying provable government conspiracies and learning to question authority (and asking questions in general) I was glad to hear people within their method of inquiry say we just don’t know.
After weeding out those who were taking this topic seriously and those who were not, I received an email from a guy in Australia who saw my questions online. This Man had been on a similar quest as I and pointed me to a video on YouTube. The title of this video was called The History of the Flat Earth, by Eric Dubay.
Now…Up to this point I didn’t watch YouTube videos or documentaries about Flat Earth, as I was looking for hard data, not someone’s opinion or commentary. However, within any journey sometimes you will come to a point where taking a different road might be the best option. This gentleman from Australia reached out to me, seeing my concern, and offered me advice that helped him along his journey – so I decided to give it a look.
Before I go any further, I believe anyone in this life is entitled to their opinion or view. My only concern to those out there, who believe the Earth is a Globe or is a flat stationary Plane, is to know why you believe it to be so. This is my only criteria when I engage in conversation with anyone with opposing view on a subject. Don’t just say this is what I believe, and not have a reason for your decision. I personally feel that everyone should have an informed opinion about every subject, as that is how we develop these things called: Virtues, Knowledge, and Belief!
If you have made it this far my fans, friends, and family….I am finally going to answer the question that many continue to keep asking me. Do I believe the Earth is Flat? Okay…so here it goes —> and this is a two part answer.
After watching Eric Dubay’s Video this lead me to many more videos and conversations that I would have over the course of 11 months. During this time I befriended, Santos Bonacci along with many other free thinkers. Anyone who know me well, are aware that I am not a person who gets caught up in “GROUPS”. I believe in sharing knowledge as it is acquired, and keeping an open mind during your journey for truth. Around November-December 2016, I did a podcast episode titled “The psychology of Flat Earth”. Within this episode, I discussed the journey that many people have had in discovering this topic (as well as myself), and my gut feelings about FE as it stands today, with all the data I have gathered. I have done several experiments on my own and compared this with others who have been doing the same thing in different areas around our planet. MY CONCLUSION is as follows. Is the Earth Flat? My answer is I don’t know entirely. Having said that….Is the Earth Round or Oblate? My answer is a Big Hell NO!!
Now if you don’t like this answer, that is understandable (from both sides of this debate). First you must understand, if I am to be taken seriously as a person who looks at things with an open mind, I must also answer to myself (honestly)! After looking into this topic for over a year now… all I can say to my fans, and those who follow my work is I continue to research this topic every week, and my journey is still not complete yet. When I say “I don’t know entirely” that is me being honest with you. Do I believe the Earth Could be Flat, absolutely! There is more and more logical and experimental data coming out every single day. And as more folks get involved with this topic, I feel I will have a more confident answer by the end of 2017. Sadly many people who will read this post will over-look the most important part of what I said, focusing on that fact that I am not 100% convinced we are on a flat motionless plane; missing my comment that I believe with are not spinning on a globe.

My plans for 2017 is to discover what exactly we are living on! The year 2016 allowed me to remove 1 part of the puzzle, and that was to remove the information of what we are Not living on. Now, that I have erased 500 years of BS (and added it to my file cabinet of other government BS – NASA BS etc..) I can now continue to reach out the world for new information, with a new premise of knowledge in mind.

I want to thank Santos Bonacci and Eric Dubay in particular (as well as many others who have played a smaller role in my journey) for the insights you bring to the table every day. As there are so many people out there who have been on this FE road much longer than I have, I am still pacing myself in the hope to catch up with all of you sometime soon.
I know this story answers the question for all of you who have been reaching out to me. At the same time, I believe I am not the only one who is still on a quest for Flat Earth.
So from my heart to yours, Namaste my friends.
-David S. Rollman

P.S. Please continue to send me NEW info on this subject and other subjects that relate to this topic.

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Change your Habits, Change your Life – A Video of Encouragement

The Video Below is just designed to motivate, inspire, and challenge those who feel they are not winning in their world today.  By changing your habits and changing your mind – your life will follow with that change.  If you have any questions please email me at

Also check out other Revolutionary thoughts via the Rollman Revolution YouTube Page

And Now Changing You Habits, Change your Mind = Change your Life!


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042 – “The Purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life!” – Podcast Episode

By several emails and other requests… The Title for this episode is:  The purpose of Negative Emotions – and how to rid yourself of them in controlling your life!

The summary below is identical to the talking points message at the start of this show.  This is a topic that seems to resonate with just about everyone at some point in their life.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this post or email me:

Episode 42:

In a world full of consistent action, and constant competition of your attention – there is so much stimuli that is trying to tell you what to think, how to think, what to be, and how to be it – that our brains will become troubled at times during these discoveries.
We toil with success, beauty, intelligence, and winning – always looking for that slight edge over the challenging forces. It is in human nature, to strive for these things with the goal in mind that I MUST BE THE BEST, and destroy the competition in anyway I can, otherwise – I will be just like everyone else – Ordinary.
And this type of thinking in my opinion is one of the main reasons, Emotion can get the better of our mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I believe competition is necessary in order for every human being to push themselves to become better everyday, however; the path we choose to find this competitive edge is a choice we all must make.
For example, if you want to become a better basketball player, you have to play basketball against someone who has a much better game than you. The reason this is so… is in order for your skills to become more refined you have to push yourself to a high level of skill and understanding for the game to graduate those abilities – in return making you better at basketball.
However, you could take another route. Using the example above you could play the game of basketball in a dirty fashion. You could find ways to cheat, manipulate your opponent by drugging them, or hurting them in some way so that they are forced to play at a much lower level – or in other words “Crushing the competition” (your competition).
You will hear from countless of successful people, within business, politics, sports & the arts – of the ways they achieved their success. Many will contribute there successful path to hard work, dedication, and focus which are all great virtues in order to carry for this journey, however; in many of these cases that is not the whole story.
From time to time, a story will be uncovered about a businessman, politician, athlete, or other personality that engaged in a negative approach to gaining their success. You will hear headlines like, “Athlete cheats using steroids” – “Business Mogul bankrupts town in order to gain personal Capital” – “Senator John Doe violates ethics investigation into Federal Spending” etc… etc…
There is no doubt these stories happen everyday, and so many of them will never be discovered – but my concern is – WHY these people or groups of people decide to play the dishonest game and choose negative virtues like (Jealousy, Fear, Guilt, Envy, Doubt, Sadness, Depression, and/or Shame) to find a competitive edge in our world today.
My intelligence tells me, that many of us are looking for shortcuts in order to cut down on the time it takes to build success. Like I said a moment ago, there is so much competition in our world today to be the best and find that successful niche, which allows us to stand out among the crowd.
We all want to be recognized for accomplishments in one way or another, but How we get to that accomplishment is a choice each of us will have to make within our lives.
Choice is the key, and Decisions within these choices are very much dependent on the Virtues we hold sacred to our being.
If for example, you are a person who is filled with Positive Emotions of (Joy, Love, Laughter, Admiration, Gratitude, Patience, and Kindness) your approach to this world will be much different than a person who engages the world with the use of Negative Emotions of: (Envy – Jealousy – Guilt – Fear – Manipulation – Doubt – and Frustration)
Now…I have heard both sides of this argument on how we as people must engage the QUOTE : REAL WORLD, and there are great lessons to be learned from both sides. But here is the deal my friends…
There must be a happy balance within everything in life. We all want to find success for ourselves and those we serve – but The choices and virtues (within our Emotions) will ultimately bring us to the place we call the here and now.
I personally have found that being in a more positive mindset, you will find the answers and success more frequently than others who choose to play the game from a more negative mindset.
When you play using positive emotion, you are happier, healthier, you feel more fully alive and you have a richer more abundant experience of life. When you play using the negative emotions, there is that tendency to manipulate, envy, find jealousy within another, fear the future and play the blame game. (Also in negative mode – the human actor will try to cut corners and look for loop holes to push or press anyone within their way in order to rise to the top)
There is no doubt in my mind that we all will battle with this balance, throughout our lives — however; how long we decide to stay within either one of these mindsets is entirely up to us!
In my opinion the purpose of the Positive and the Negative is to simply remind us of the other… and then it is our own doing — as to how we will approach our lives and the challenges we face everyday.
So this week I would like to discuss Virtues and Emotions and in particularly Negative Emotions (there purpose – and how to limit there control in your life).

Namaste Everyone.


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041 – “Breaking the Silence Within” – Communication in the 21st Century – Podcast Episode

Breaking the Silence Within is the podcast episode that you don’t want to miss.

Hello again everyone,

Communication is something we do everyday.  Whether we are watching television, listening to the radio, talking on our cell phones or having a chat with a person within our vicinity; there is not a day that goes by where we are not giving or receiving information.

But how we communicate (and Articulate) information has changed drastically over the past 75+ years.  In the 1920’s if you wanted to get a piece of information to a friend or family member, you had the choice of either traveling over to this person’s place or mailing a letter to them.  In many cases the families lived much closer to one another than they do today, as it was just easier to keep tabs on one another by being close by.  And for what ever reason if you did have a friend or a loved one that lived quite a distance away, you would have to compile as much information as you could within a letter.   Also Family gatherings were much more intense and information heavy as you didn’t communicate with them as often as we do today, simply because the technologies were not there.

If we skip ahead to the 21st Century, today we have instant information (Constant communication) or better yet an OVER ABUNDANCE of Information.  But the question I ask you is this… Do we communicate better on a personal level today than we did about 100 years ago?  Are our conversations more personal or are they impersonal?  Has Technology broken our ability to communicate one on one in an effective way?

These are the concerns and questions that I have, and will cover on this episode.   As you listen to this show, ask yourself if you can relate to any of the situations I explain.  Furthermore,  I want to know if you feel that technology has improved or diminished the way humans articulate themselves today?  Do you see a difference in the newer generations and how they interact with each other?

This is going to be a powerful episode.   Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Have a great week my friends,


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040 – “Honesty and Laughter” – Podcast Episode

Happy February Everyone,

This episode is going to be a short episode, but it will cover many of the things I continue to receive emails about.  First, I will discuss (Laughter) learning how to laugh at yourself and not taking yourself so seriously.  Too many people today, have forgotten how to have a good time, and spend majority of their life miserable trying to achieve goal without having a good time along the way.  And that is no way to spend a life.  Yes you should have focus, but you need to enjoy your life as well.

The Second part of this episode I will discuss Honesty in the New Year.  Honesty, you know that virtue we all should live by?  I find that more of the people that reach out to me, usually remain dishonest with themselves, and you can’t do that.  If you want to be taken seriously and what to engage this world with no boundaries,  you have to remember that you must be honest with yourself before anyone else will take you honestly.

There is so much to be said on these two topics and I hope I do it justice.  Please continue to check me out via YouTube, Twitter, and Now Instagram.

I will be loading videos up to YouTube on a Weekly bases that relate to this show and the topics that are discussed within this community.  So if you have a topic you want discussed, please email me and we will work it into the program.

Have a Great week everyone, Namaste!

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Natural Medicine vs Mechanistic Medicine (A Look at Marijuana)

As many know…I am a very knowledgeable person about pharmacology ( pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics) as I enjoy this subject immensely. And even though, I am not a user of Marijuana for recreational or Medical use —- I still have a huge issue with THE DEA’s scheduling of Marijuana as a Category (schedule) “1” drug. My issues again with “Drugs in America” has been the same for the past 10 years as majority of the time answer to the question is written within the wording of the Law. Having said this (and referring to the Picture below of the DEA’s verbiage) you will see the problem. The words “No Current ACCEPTED Medical Use…” is the highlight. And to go a step further…You will see the other drugs Marijuana is grouped with (Heroin, LSD, MDMA etc..). Now here is the deal my friends, there has been numerous studies looking into the use and practical applications for medical reasons (on all of the drugs listed in the Schedule 1 group). Furthermore, every drug listed here…has had several studies linking themselves to an effective (temporary cure) to certain medical conditions Under controlled applications! Now… before I get pounded by anyone, I do not support the de-regulation of these drugs, as 97% can and do have long-term side effects if not used under a controlled dose and/or supervision (eg. dependency or overdose) EXCEPT MARIJUANA. ***THERE have been countless studies…that continue to go on to this day, showing the great potential this Plant has done for people suffering from: Alzheimer’s disease, MS, Anxiety, Cancer, Dravet’s Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowl Disease, Arthritis, regulating metabolism, Parkinson’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, PSTD, as well as protecting the brain after a person has a stroke AND…has been known to allow people to become more creative (and find an over-all sense of well being).

To this day, in 2017, I still run into many people who have not done the research and will continue to argue that this is not a real medical drug…and that people just want to use this to “GET HIGH”. Rubbish! Also in this conversation, these same people will argue that the pharmaceutical industry has Approved drugs that solve all of these medical problems listed above. However, what they will not tell you (or admit) is that Big Pharma, is in the “mechanical medicine” business and not the natural medicine business! And here is the difference…. Mechanical Medicine is a drug created in a lab, that is designed to do one of the following within a biological organism: (Inhibit, Block, Convert, stimulate, and/or supress) something within the body in order to drive another result…in this case fight the problem or illness in question. Unfortunately, because of how mechanistic medicine works within the body, by turning switches on and off in some way, they usually have a decent amount of possible side effects. (Read any label of any medicine you have ever taken in a pharmacy, over the counter, or via commercial marketing). The literature is unbelievable in some cases.

NOW…. I am NOT saying that ALL drugs sold over the counter, or within a pharmacy, today are Bad, I do not jump to those conclusions. As a matter of fact I feel that some of these Drugs have a good use for the “SHORT TERM” as getting to the root cause of any problem is key (in my opinion) and the purpose of Medicine aka to CURE (make better). But today, there is just a drug for every bug and a pill for every ill….and this SHIT needs to stop.

To COME FULL CIRCLE… and the purpose of this post…is to say that The United States, puts more regulation on Natural Medicine (that has been used by ancient cultures with little or no side effects) as opposed to Mechanistic Medicine sold to millions everyday. In particular Marijuana a natural plant that anyone can learn to grow in their own back yard, has more medical benefits & uses. To place this Natural Medicine in the DEA Schedule 1 group is ridiculous and only placed here for financial as well as political purposes.

My friends, family, and fans…I encourage you to put aside any biased information you may have acquired thus far in your life as it relates to medicine and health care. In my opinion the more natural a product is, the more beneficial its potential to the healing properties within medical research today.

Please make this a conversation to have within your circles over the next year, as there is so much we have to learn from Natural Medicine. Also take the time to not rush in judgement of any issues you have not taken time to research on your own. It is time we look at the data, listen to the lives of those who have the experience, and understand why historical cultures had an amazing connection to nature and how we benefit from our natural world.

Namaste Everyone! Please Share and leave comments below.

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039 – “2017 New Chapter in the Game of Life” Podcast Episode

Happy New Year Everyone,

2017 is now here, and we have an opportunity to make this year even better than all others up to this point.  I love the new year, just because that is when people are at their most positive state.  They seem to be motivated, even for a short time, this time of the year.

My job however, is to keep you motivated, and challenging you to become the best person you possibly can be in the months to come.

This New Years episode, I will discuss the 2016 year in review.  I will let you know about how I feel 2016 went for me as well as how I see 2017 going for this show and the message I try to bring every month.   Also I will hit you hard in this episode, discussing Honesty, Relationship, Habits, Resourcefulness, and other topics that will allow you to re-examine your life…and what you need to do this year to make it THE BEST OF ALL TIME.

Every year, I like to thank all my friends, family, fans, and those who have supported me along my journey, as this program would not be possible with out YOU!  I had a focus in 2016 to do things with no agenda in site, and that has done me very well.  In 2017 however I will be focusing on Excellence, and what people need to do in order to become Excellent in what ever they decide to do – to make their world and their person the BEST.

Please Connect with me via any of the social media links above, and email me with your thoughts, ideas, and conversation.  I love meeting people right where they are in their life story.  So Find me, friend me, connect with me, and I will show you how great your really are!

Namaste Everyone…Happy Holidays and Happy NEW YEAR 2017…. HERE WE GO!!!!


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038 – “The Psychology of Perception – Flat Earth part 2” – Podcast Episode

Well Well Well,maxresdefault

Happy Holidays to all my fans out there.  This episode was recorded due to over 50+ emails of my fans wanting to hear more.  Again, I am not the GURU of Flat Earth, but I have been watching this topic develop for close to a year now.

The angle of which this episode speaks is going to be different than what those who are debating the flat earth vs the Globe model.  As I am not a scientist, I will be looking at the psychology of this issue, and why so many dismiss the the issue just by hearing the words “FLAT EARTH”.

I am telling you from experience, that you need to educate yourself with as many pieces of information you can, and gather more tools for your tool box from multiple sources of books, alternative media, etc.

It amazes me how so many people today will take the information they have been given (from the Schools they went to or the books they read) and never look any further.  You as an intelligent person, need to continue your education and research far beyond what the main stream school system, as it is only repeating the nonsense.

If you have heard about the topic FLAT EARTH, and it has at least peaked your curiosity, I would recommend checking out people Like:  Santos Bonacci, Mark Sargent & Eric Dubay To Get your started in looking at this concept from another perspective.  Each person listed above discusses this topic from different angles, and Will give you a starting place to continue looking into this topic further.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at or connect with me via Facebook, Twitter or other social media options listed on the top of my website.

Namaste My friends,

-David   (Also 2017 is going to be a Wild Year…so stay tuned!)

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