Re-Grand Opening is just around the corner – the past 4 month explained…


IT has been a very long time since I have posted a New Rollman Revolution Podcast Episode, and for all my fans and friends out there – I do apologize. Having said this, it has been for very good reason. When I started out on this evolution into the podcast world… I wanted to create something that was different, something of value, something that people could run to if they were looking for answers to questions that they have been struggling with. And thus far…with the feedback and 46 episodes in to date – I feel we have made some wonderful conversations and have discussed some powerful topics. But over the past 4+ months, I have been reflecting on the work that has been done, and I feel that show needs something more.

That “something” is the thought that has caused me to delay the Rollman Revolution Podcast show.

NOW.. I am sure you all can relate — Between the workload you have in your daily life — the daily responsibilities — it can become almost exhausting to try and fit in more tasks when you are already pressed for time within your 24 hour day.

Regardless, I just wanted everyone to know, that (YOU) my audience who has been with me since the beginning of this journey – I have not forgotten your love and support. Honestly, the reason for my absence is primarily because I wanted to make the show and the content even better — and over these past several months I just could not deliver the focus and dedication that I felt was necessary to do just that.

When creating anything in this life, if you want the greatest results you have to give it your greatest attention. I personally do Not feel comfortable giving my Friends, Family, Fans, Followers etc… only 1/2 of my attention – as that does not promote a better message and connection.

So… The next 4-5 weeks I will be restructuring my work/life balance – in order to properly re-focus my Show and the messages within the program. Furthermore, I will be giving Talks more frequently around the Tampa Bay Area to groups who want to increase their mental flexibility over the topics that get discussed on the Rollman Revolution.

I really appreciate everyone who has made this program and show what it is so far. Again, my intention has always been about making other people’s lives better by discussing the stuff that matters most.

Every Year… We strive to make important changes that will ultimately effect our lives in a positive way. I as well, am no different than any other person walking around.  Every year I set goals and have a check list of the things I would like to accomplish, however; sometimes Life is not on the same schedule as I am (as obstacles and challenges appear out of nowhere).  Nonetheless… once these detours are avoided and/or reconciled the proper response is to go back to that list and continue on.  Failure will only occur if and when you decide to stop the pursuit of your goal.

My goal has been the same as it was 3 years ago…  I wake up everyday with a mission to change the way we see our world and in turn the way our world experiences and sees us.  This idea comes from an understanding that the way we see our world determines how we live out our lives.  So through constant communication of original ideas, philosophies, truth, knowledge and expression we discover this beautiful place we call home in a more profound way.  We no longer feel like a “stranger and afraid in a world you never made”.  This podcast is just a medium to showcase the ways of discovering best version of yourself – and the world we share…  So please be patient as I truly enjoy walking and talking with all of you (as often as I can) along this wonderful journey together.

I love you all – Have a great Holiday Season.



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UPDATE – To the Fans/Followers of the Podcast

Hello Everyone,

I have received many emails from my fans and followers to the show, and I want to post my response here, so that you all can get the info you are asking.  THE PODCAST, has been temporarily postponed till Mid October.

Updated stamp

This decision has not be made lightly as I had been receiving close to 40,000 downloads on average a month…so don’t you all worry I will be back on the air waves as soon as I possibly can.

During the month of August 2017, I ran into an opportunity that I am still in the negotiation process of concerning the Show and it overall content.  I was approached by several syndicated Internet/ Satellite Stations wanting for me to do a spot once a week for their programming.  The only obstacle is that I want total creative control, and that always seems to be the bedrock of these discussions.

Furthermore, Hurricane Irma – Did a number on my Home Server and my other equipment, so I am still in the process of getting everything back to where it was 2 & 1/2 months ago.

So please don’t worry….I have no intention of shutting down one of the more successful Podcast shows that cover the content I do.  I already have 3 shows recorded, and Will keep everyone posted when these show will be released.

Please continue to submit your ideas and suggestions as I always enjoy interacting with my audience.

October 5th I will be speaking in New Port Richie, for an audience of 500, talking about the MSM and giving people a systematic way on how they can start to dissect Fake News and Media Manipulation, so if you are in the area…I am sure I can get some extra tickets.

Please be patient with my, as I promise I am doing everything I can at the moment to get things back on track real soon.

I love you all.  Please take care of yourselves, and thanks to all those out there who keep emailing me with your positive words.


-David S. Rollman

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OMG – Hurricane Irma – Tampa Bay Area

Hello my friends,

Well lets just say…This summer has not been a very friendly one for the Rollman Revolution. However, I never find room to complain.  I just wanted to touch base with my friend, fans and any others who follow the show (podcast, blog, and Social Media).

As I am writing this blog post, Hurricane Irma is aprox. about 500-600 Miles away from the Tampa Bay area, and after days of the forecast changing like a newborn baby diaper…it seems like this hurricane is going to be a direct hit to the Tampa Bay area (which is where I am located).

I will do my best to keep up with social media, as long as networks are up an running.  Please continue to email me   I will not be able to tell you when or how long I will be away, but the website will remain online, and God willing….I will be able to post many new goodies, within the next few weeks.

I hope everyone in the State of FL stay safe, and my heart goes out to all of those who have already felt the impact of these megalithic storms.

I love you all,  Namaste my friends….  I will check back in real soon.


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045 – “Relationships 101” – Podcast Episode

Hello again Friends, Fans, Followers & my extended Family,

I am so thankful to all of you out there who continue to share, and support the Rollman Revolution as I surge forward daily with the goal of making YOU and YOU alone my focus.

The mission of this website, & audio podcast has always been to give people a place to go for inspiration, motivation, re-education, & enlightenment through a variety of subject matter that relates directly back to life’s core – “Human Consciousness.”

If you have been a reader or listener to the content provided here, you will know that regardless of the topics discussed (however simple or controversial) the main purpose is to get Your mind working more efficiently everyday, so that you may become the best version of yourself.

The more often we train ourselves to digest new information, and continue to research these avenues… we stay far away from the ignorant game, and begin to start having conversations about things….we wouldn’t normally converse about.

I remember when I was a young man,  many of the elders within my life would tell me, “If you want to keep the peace and have good relationships – don’t talk about your beliefs” (aka = Religion, Philosophy, Politics, etc…)  But you see my friends, this is the stuff – I want to talk about, and I feel we need to talk about.

This show is dedicated to taking the RULE BOOK about Conversation Etiquette – and tossing it in the trash.  Now this is not to say, to be an asshole to each other…. No, No, No – What I am saying is that there is NO TOPIC that should ever be taken off the table, and the more we converse about these “uncomfortable” subjects…. the more comfortable we become with this world and one another.

Episode 45 is all about the Basics of Relationships. I titled this episode “RELATIONSHIPS 101″  simply because I feel Human beings are so dumb in this area overall.   Having said that – I feel that if more young men and women were taught at an earlier age, the hardcore fundamentals of communication within every relationship, –> The challenges we are dealing with today, would not sit at such a high level of failure.  We would have the necessary tools to understand these situations (Moments – Events – Conflicts and more)  because everyone would be capable of dealing with relationship & communication challenges without hesitation.

In my opinion, the world struggles unnecessarily for 1 major reason.  However; 80%+ of the human beings on Earth I feel, would blame Power, Wealth, & Greed for its largest struggles.  I too would agree that those 3 motivations are the most predominant if you were just looking at the surface of a problem.

The real problem, again in my opinion, goes much deeper.  Communication and the dis-Honesty within our daily relationships (big or small) is the root cause for all the other downfalls within our world, and more simply our personal connections.

Now I know that was a big Intro for this podcast episode.  And this episode is not about world corruption and the bad relationships occurring within Geo-Politics today!!!  This is Relationships 101…. meaning, relationships we all face as people everyday in our Family, Work environment, Teams, and of course our Romantic encounters as well.  In this episode I want to talk about the basics of every day relationships and why they go so wrong in many cases, as well as, go so right in other cases.

I am a big believer in the the phrase: “If you get the Man right; you get the world right”.   So my friends, episode 45 we will be discussing – getting ourselves right:

  • our understanding of who we really are
  • what we really want
  • what we have to offer
  • how we set ourselves up for failure & success
  •  are we seeing the whole picture
  • the importance of Human interaction
  • the difference types of relationships
  • the relationship process
  • Complexity vs simplicity
  • and…..Mindfulness

The basic talk presented in this episode…is focused on the root cause(s) for any type of human relationship.  Meaning that once we understand, how to work – love – attract – repel – nurture – defend – and be honest within Human connection, regardless of its type…..we will not only get the Man (Human) right, we then will get the world right. (all the Greed, power, & manipulation that describes the world we see today).

*** I know I ramble, and repeat myself – from time to time – so thank you for your understanding***  I know myself better than anyone, simply because it took me 15 years of my adult life to realize this.  Know thyself…. is the key ingredient to happy – successful – and thriving human relationships.



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044 – “Don’t Get me started Part 2: Systematic Education in America” -Podcast Episode

Hello Everybody…..

I know I have been away…but Trust me it has been for Good Personal Reasons.

Nonetheless, I continue with this new episode about Education in America.  This is the 2nd of the a 3 part series, “Don’t get me started”.   I am a big fan of education, if fact I love learning new things.  But the sad reality is What as education done to our youth?  Why is Education so stigmatized and NOT diverse!

I will be covering so many thing within this episode, and you will want to share this with your families and friends, because what we know – and How we learn things – is at the core of our Education.

In this episode I will Cover: What Education is, How education is viewed, How the current system is setting up millions of students for failure, Why students can become stigmatized by public opinion, and what this current systems motives are in my opinion. I will also cover, where education has gone wrong, why standardization of learning is not the best way to pull potential out of every young mind, and I will finish up with – The uniqueness of the human being and my thoughts of why so many Children are being left behind or lost in the maze of information.

I apologize for not being here but just know it, has been for Great Reasons.

Leave me an email or comment below.  I will include Mike Rowe’s talk on Education, as it is directly related to what it is I bring in this episode.

Namaste friends, and I am Back!!!


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Language, Words & Symbols – What you need to know

Two subjects that I have a high affinity towards: 1) Language (Words) — 2) Symbols (their roots within history).
It is amazing, that these two subjects are at the heart of everyday culture; but ironically they are most often misunderstood.
Language, which is the center of communication within a society or culture, consistently gets misused or butchered – which results in that society – to further manipulate the language in order for everyone to feel comfortable with its use. The ending result of this manipulation creates new terms such as “Soft Language” or “Political Correctness” which in my opinion destroys the original meanings of terms (aka “WORDS”).
Symbols, which are a “graphic drawing character” – that is used to represent an idea, object, function, or process -used to minimize a need for a complete explanation using linear language. Today Symbols are used to “Brand” products within our consumeristic society. People no longer have to read the name of a company or organization in order to understand, they can just look at the symbol and it automatically downloads many buzzwords that they have been trained to associate to that symbol or “brand”.
But for me, I feel Language, Words, and Symbols have been hijacked by the Corporate Main Stream – Governments, Media, Businesses, & Religions!!! This Pre-Meditated manipulation by the industries listed above, is the reason this “soft language” and Symbol Programming has destroyed majority of our worlds critical thinking and true understanding of communication.
Language is only effective if we understand the direct intent of the words being used to convey an idea, thought, or statement. When language gets manipulated, as it has today, we develop these NEW multiple meanings, which are completely unnecessary – and causes confusion among those within these exchanges.
Furthermore, because of language and word manipulation, the world has now developed something called “euphemismistic” language or “Political Correct” language. For example – It has been deemed inappropriate to say a person is a “Slob”, rather we are taught to use the words “messy” or “unorganized” or “all over the place” – which softens the word and its original intent. There is nothing wrong with the word slob. As a matter of fact I am sure you know or have met many slobs in your life. Why is the word no longer considered appropriate to use? If we are told not to use these words then why give them a place in the dictionary at all?
The term “Shell Shock” (a condition military soldiers can get from being exposed to heavy combat where their nervous system is stressed to its absolute breaking point) has changed over the years to “battle fatigue” then to “Operational Exhaustion” and finally to “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”
Now if you have made it this far in reading, you will start to see the what language manipulation does. It takes a direct piece of information and dumbs it down to a point where its original intent is no longer felt. It takes the TRUTH within the word(s) throws it into a blender – to make a softer, more gentle, no-feelings-hurt, Language.
This game is played at every level within the Main Stream today, and once you understand the reason why these industries do this, it becomes easier to recognize it.
The US Government with the help of the Media is famous for taking simple words and forcing the public to make permanent associations to these words. For example, since the attack of Sept 11th 2001, the word ‘Terrorist’ has been re-invented to no longer ONLY mean a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Today the word terrorist (or terrorism) has been grouped into a SYMBOL that has multiple meanings.
In a 2011 poll, regarding Media Bias, a group of random Americans were asked when they hear the word “Terrorist” or “Terrorism” – what is the first idea or feeling that comes to mind? And Not surprising… The Words/Ideas that made the top were: 9/11, Muslim, Middle East, ISIS, Islam, & Osama bin Laden.
And this is why my friends, I get extremely angry when Big Industries try to manipulate our Words, Language & Symbols – on purpose in order to hide us from the TRUTH.
I could go on an on about Symbols in and of themselves as well….but that would take another 10 paragraphs.
My point is this: I love direct language and symbols left in their original meaning. Communication today would be so much easier if people would stop getting offended by words and the truth their intent was designed for. I listen to commentary over the television today from group after group, getting offended by the intent of someone else’s OPINION (or Choice of Words). The only people who get offended by direct language, are those who are uncomfortable with who they are, and become unhinged by another person’s ignorant assessment and word choice.
However, I also believe that by using Political Correctness, Soft Language, & euphemismistic language to change the original intent of a statement is making human beings weak.
Parent’s teach their children, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but, names (WORDS) will never hurt me”…. but unfortunately it seems that every new generation is losing their self worth, identity, & critical thinking.
The True Interpretation of meaning and how we communicate is one of the staples of a Successful culture. When I observe all of above daily, I become concerned – simply because majority of this world doesn’t see the long-term, irreversible effects of language and symbol manipulation.
I will be doing a podcast show covering this topic in August, if you have any questions concerning this matter and would like to ask a question or chime in…please leave it in the comments below.
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I have been away, but the return is very soon.

Hello to all my friends, fans, and followers,

I apologize for the down time…as I that has not been my intention.  I love podcasting and enjoy connecting with people every day.  However, the past 2+ Month I had to deal with some family Medical Issues and my focus had to be directed with that as the Priority.

So I am happy to say, Everything is back to where it needs to be, and I have some great things in store real soon.  In this down time I have been questioning – the focusing direction I really want to take this program.  I have received emails from so many – telling me to do more Inspirational Shows, where the flip side I have folks telling me they want more Educational (Conspiracy – Info Manipulation) type shows!

I promise I will continue to keep doing bits of both topics among others, but what is really going to change over the latter part of this year will be Interviews, and New Personalities to be represented.   I have several Interview Podcasts Set up, and once I get my Server clean and set-up for International Interviews – things will start to get really interesting.

I know I have a ton to say….but if you get me talking with like minded individuals – well HOLY COW – it will get really entertaining and Educational.

So, everyone – Thank you for your understanding – as I love this program and the people I have connected with so far.  However, I had to put my family first and make sure everything is in order – so that I can stay focused on this show and the material we cover.

Namaste –  I love you all & I will talk with you soon.  The Return is going to be Fantastic!


Spread the message and Share...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Share on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on Reddit and the work of Richard D. Hall

AS I AM A BIG BELIEVER in Promoting the work of other people – especially when they are on point and continue to generate Great Work…

I would like to Introduce you to Richard D Hall and his website to all those within my circle (and follow the content I discuss here at The Rollman Revolution)

Richard’s website along with much of his content is available for free via YouTube or directly from If this is the first time you have heard of Mr. Hall, then you are in for a treat.

He has been investigating a broad range of topics for numerous years now -producing many videos/lectures/shows since early 2010 – focusing on (False Flags, Media Manipulation, Phony Journalism, UFOs, 9/11 as well as many other “Controversial Topics“).

Now you may not be interested in all of the work/subjects he covers; however, if you go to his website and check out the large list of his lectures or shows – I can promise you there will be something that will peak your interest.

Richard’s process is all based upon verifiable & factual information (as he is all about following the evidence). Furthermore, if he make’s any opinions or speculates – He will say – “In my opinion…” or “I am speculating here…” (which is almost unheard of within the News and information we receive today)

In a world where everyone is competing for your attention, it becomes very difficult to determine which websites, television programs and/or other written publications to focus on, while avoiding all the others that are just handing out rubbish – designed to keep you in the dark & feeding you shit!

The work that has been done at Richplanet in my opinion is Master Class, and worth your time. So when you have time please check out the links below. If you find his work to be well presented and something that raises your interests – subscribe to his YouTube page and his website,  to keep up to date on all his latest information.

***Thank you Richard for your continued pursuit of Truth within the Content you provide*** 

Namaste my friends.

-David S. Rollman


Richard D. Hall’s website:

Rich-planet YouTube Page:  “RICHARD HALL – YOUTUBE”

Rich-planet Facebook Page:  “Richplanet TV”

OR Follow Him Via Facebook:  Richard D. Hall Facebook Page



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043 – Don’t Get Me Started (Part 1) – NASA Moon Missions – Podcast Episode

Don’t Get Me Started Part 1 of a 3 or 4 part series:

In this episode I will be covering the NASA Moon Mission, in particular the Apollo Missions.  I personally have been fed up with all of the nonsense that just keeps repeating itself within the Main Stream today.  So I decided to say something about it.  Anyone who has done enough research into subject like this one, will come to the same conclusions as I have.  People today just do not give themselves the time to look at issues such as this from new angles and really get to the heart of the matter.  They are too busy with what life throws at them to care about issues that matter, and ultimately will alter the course of truth.

“Those who control the past, control the future.”

Please Check out the videos below, and I will update this page later this week with other Web Links that will give you the necessary stuff to start your own investigation if you so choose.  The Moon Mission, 9/11, the Main Stream Media, The Government Controlled Wars, and The Manipulation of the Educations system are subjects that I feel need to be addressed everyday, as we are losing the battle for truth in America and around the world.   We as people are responsible for what happens.

Sapiens (or what others like to call Human) are destroying each other every day.  We lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and kill our own kind with a blink of an eye – and this is you OWN RACE.  Think about what Sapiens would do to someone or something that is not their own kind???

What the Science program has done to us is exactly what the other entities (MSM, GOV’T, EDUCATION) have followed along with as well.  Manipulate the mind of the people and they will fall in line to what every THEY say.  You have heard of ‘sheeple’?  Sheep-People – those that just follow the herd?  Then ask yourself why don’t you stand up and make the difference?  Why don’t you exploit BIG BROTHERS Bull-shit?

You and you alone can make the difference…but you have to educate yourself with the truth, and “Remove Truth’s protective layers” as Neil Armstrong said at the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11.

There are many out there that know how corrupt the system has become, but It is up to us to make this change and become more read, more informed people.  The time for ignorance is no more.  Excuses are no longer acceptable.

Namaste My Friends  – Please Check out the Videos Below.

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Is the Earth-Flat? My honest response to multiple fans email questions.


People keep emailing me and asking me David, Do believe in Flat Earth or are you a Flat Earther? So let me put this to bed right now on this page, and I will do a follow up podcast episode in the near future to answer this as well. When I heard about Flat Earth about 2 years ago, I was off the chain apposed to the idea, and would not even consider it worth my time. However, people kept telling me David you need to look into this issue, knowing that I have had been very outspoken and skeptical about NASA for Years. I still to this day believe 90% of the info that comes from NASA and other privet/government controlled agencies is mostly a Nonsense. Furthermore, I do believe that most of those who go to work for NASA, do so for positive reasons. Having said that, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Most of these folks, set out to do good work, and many in my opinion, are not let in on the BIG SECRETS as most of the work done within Government Controlled entities, is highly compartmentalized!

But as many people knew, that I was not a believer in the Moon missions, and BS that comes out from the scientific community of Government Corporations, figured I would be on board with believing in Flat Earth as well…. and that was not the case when this issue was brought about 2 years ago.

It wasn’t until Jan-Feb 2016, that I was introduced to a man Named Santos Bonacci. I received a video documentary titled “The Awakening of a new wave of Consciousness” (which is still available on YouTube). This film discussed the new age of awakening and Mr Bonacci discussed some very interesting things about Astrology and History, that got me to thinking about The Bible and some of the quotes I remembered in College about Greek philosophy.

This “Dome Firmament” topic, came to mind (as I only recently received a 4 year Lay Pastoral Certification in 2010 from the USCCB when I was involved with Religion to a High degree. I no longer am a believer in Organized Religion or Religious Dogma Practices (which is a different story for another time) but this 4 year certification was the “Linchpin” that allowed me to recall many of the topics that these Greek Philosophers were discussing thousands of years ago. So…with re-reading Genesis from many different Bible translations, I kept reading this “Firmament” being used, which linked me to this future topic called “Flat Earth” for the next 11 months.

So I opened my search page, and typed “The Flat Earth Debate”!!! And I was blown away that there were Hundreds-of-thousands entries (articles, videos, and commentary) covering a topic, that I felt at the time — was a NON-issue. This new discovery, definitely peaked my interest now, as I am an intelligent guy, but to this point knew nothing of this conversation. So what I did next was what any intelligent person would/should do…..I started reading! I read both sides of the issue – those that were saying the Earth is Flat and those who were saying the Earth is a Globe, but the more I read the more questions I started to have. I mean, how could so many people think the Earth is Flat, when Science “proved” over 500 years ago that we were mistaken and we just didn’t have the right know-how at the time to make the discovery we were living on a globe!!?

Regardless, of what I thought back in Jan 2016, I made the decision to really give this issue a look. So being taught at a young age that we all live on a tilted sphere that spins about 1,000 Mph and hurling itself around the Sun at some wicked speeds and the sun as well traveling in the universe even faster… My brain kicked in and just asked a question —> How did we come to these conclusions? or Better yet… What is the proof that all of this is true? (what has Science proven?).

After about 3 weeks of reading anything in sight, every night when I got home from work, I became more over-whelmed by the information. I kept having new questions arise, and in asking myself these new questions with trying to find a plauseable answer, I would develop more questions. So needless to say my brain started to cramp up.
I remember one night, beginning to get so frustrated from this NEW information I decided to walk away from this topic for a week. I didn’t open my computer the entire week because I knew if I did, my mind would try to continue to work on this problem. After the week ended, I decided to take another approach, and this is when it started to get interesting. I made the decision to try to disprove all of these people who were pushing out this Flat Earth Business. I thought this was going to be the easiest approach, simply because there have been contradicting arguments among some flat earthers online. So I began posting within several forums to FE groups asking them to answer my questions using data that could be validated. Within in two days time, I received 50 plus responses to my questions, and this my friends is where the things began to get interesting.
By posting within different forums, I was able to weed out those who were just pushing their own ideas vs. those who had done the work to prove their theories with data, experiments, logical reasoning, and honesty. And when I say “Honesty” there were many within these groups who said – The just don’t know….when they Honestly — Did Not Know, which for me that speaks volumes as the Scientific community for decades always seems to have the Answer. It is very seldom today that NASA (or High-Brow Scientific publications) say we have no clue. And with my years of experience with studying provable government conspiracies and learning to question authority (and asking questions in general) I was glad to hear people within their method of inquiry say we just don’t know.
After weeding out those who were taking this topic seriously and those who were not, I received an email from a guy in Australia who saw my questions online. This Man had been on a similar quest as I and pointed me to a video on YouTube. The title of this video was called The History of the Flat Earth, by Eric Dubay.
Now…Up to this point I didn’t watch YouTube videos or documentaries about Flat Earth, as I was looking for hard data, not someone’s opinion or commentary. However, within any journey sometimes you will come to a point where taking a different road might be the best option. This gentleman from Australia reached out to me, seeing my concern, and offered me advice that helped him along his journey – so I decided to give it a look.
Before I go any further, I believe anyone in this life is entitled to their opinion or view. My only concern to those out there, who believe the Earth is a Globe or is a flat stationary Plane, is to know why you believe it to be so. This is my only criteria when I engage in conversation with anyone with opposing view on a subject. Don’t just say this is what I believe, and not have a reason for your decision. I personally feel that everyone should have an informed opinion about every subject, as that is how we develop these things called: Virtues, Knowledge, and Belief!
If you have made it this far my fans, friends, and family….I am finally going to answer the question that many continue to keep asking me. Do I believe the Earth is Flat? Okay…so here it goes —> and this is a two part answer.
After watching Eric Dubay’s Video this lead me to many more videos and conversations that I would have over the course of 11 months. During this time I befriended, Santos Bonacci along with many other free thinkers. Anyone who know me well, are aware that I am not a person who gets caught up in “GROUPS”. I believe in sharing knowledge as it is acquired, and keeping an open mind during your journey for truth. Around November-December 2016, I did a podcast episode titled “The psychology of Flat Earth”. Within this episode, I discussed the journey that many people have had in discovering this topic (as well as myself), and my gut feelings about FE as it stands today, with all the data I have gathered. I have done several experiments on my own and compared this with others who have been doing the same thing in different areas around our planet. MY CONCLUSION is as follows. Is the Earth Flat? My answer is I don’t know entirely. Having said that….Is the Earth Round or Oblate? My answer is a Big Hell NO!!
Now if you don’t like this answer, that is understandable (from both sides of this debate). First you must understand, if I am to be taken seriously as a person who looks at things with an open mind, I must also answer to myself (honestly)! After looking into this topic for over a year now… all I can say to my fans, and those who follow my work is I continue to research this topic every week, and my journey is still not complete yet. When I say “I don’t know entirely” that is me being honest with you. Do I believe the Earth Could be Flat, absolutely! There is more and more logical and experimental data coming out every single day. And as more folks get involved with this topic, I feel I will have a more confident answer by the end of 2017. Sadly many people who will read this post will over-look the most important part of what I said, focusing on that fact that I am not 100% convinced we are on a flat motionless plane; missing my comment that I believe with are not spinning on a globe.

My plans for 2017 is to discover what exactly we are living on! The year 2016 allowed me to remove 1 part of the puzzle, and that was to remove the information of what we are Not living on. Now, that I have erased 500 years of BS (and added it to my file cabinet of other government BS – NASA BS etc..) I can now continue to reach out the world for new information, with a new premise of knowledge in mind.

I want to thank Santos Bonacci and Eric Dubay in particular (as well as many others who have played a smaller role in my journey) for the insights you bring to the table every day. As there are so many people out there who have been on this FE road much longer than I have, I am still pacing myself in the hope to catch up with all of you sometime soon.
I know this story answers the question for all of you who have been reaching out to me. At the same time, I believe I am not the only one who is still on a quest for Flat Earth.
So from my heart to yours, Namaste my friends.
-David S. Rollman

P.S. Please continue to send me NEW info on this subject and other subjects that relate to this topic.

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